Swagatam (2021)

Malhar Thakar, Katha Patel, Vandana Pathak, Vrinda Rawal,
When Manav Mehta - a writer comes to his family home in Mangadh to introduce his fiance Jhanvi, he finds out a dead body in the house. Now to save the whole family from accusations he has to refrain everyone to enter the house.
  • 7.1 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2022-08-02 Added:
  • Vivek Desai, Nasir Meherali, Writer:
  • Neeraj Joshi, Director:
  • Bharat Sevak, Producer:

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1 / 10

su story che...........

Su story che boss su story che......nai nai evu kevu chu k su story che e koi samjhay toh mane pan kehjo......a garbage of a movie no suspense no thrill no acting nothing a complete waste of time ......may be script was written by five year old ...

1 / 10

Worst movie of malhar ever

Please do not watch this movie ... I don't know why malhar signed this movie .. wasted 2 hours ??Honestly please do not watch.

1 / 10


Pathetic movie.. No storyline no base.. Completely irritating movie.. Total waste of time..Had high expectations..

1 / 10

Not as expected

Their is nothing new in movie.

If you had watched many English and hindi web series in ott than this will not for you.

3 / 10

Worst movie..waste of time

Movie completes inside the home..no specific story.