Super Hot (2021)

Cait Medearis, Megan Nager, Caroline Kennedy, Alexa Tkatch, Nobuaki Shimamoto, Kandace Kale, Celeste Marcone,
A pizza delivery girl discovers her neighbor is moving into a sorority house of vampires. It's a race against the clock to stop her crush from being sacrificed at midnight.
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  • Taylor King, Director:
  • Sean King, Danielle Jean Schaefer, Producer:

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5 / 10

Fairly entertaining

I liked the cast. There was something very relatable about the dialogue, but that's probably the nerd in me. Enjoyable and quirky.

However, it did kinda drag, and some jokes lingered too long to really be funny. I also felt like there was a line or two missing about how the girls were vampires but not already immortal.

I do consider it watchable, and though I'll probably never watch it again, I AM looking forward to the sequel. So I hope they make it.

8 / 10

Delightfully subversive low budget horror

I watched this on a whim, and I am quite glad I did! Weird, quirky, subversive, comedic horror. Extremely low budget but good audio work, good dialog, good casting, and well acted for something that came out of nowhere. I guess I'll be watching this cast and team closely in the future.

2 / 10

Super Boring

Amateurish and boring are the words that come to mind. Just a handful of clichéd, boring, unrelatable characters played (boringly) by amateurish actors. It's profoundly puzzling that anyone would cast this "actress" for the main part, as her delivery is like someone reading a telegram.

5 / 10

Almost Good, has a Few Issues.

This movie isn't bad, but it has a few issues. There's a lot of scenes of characters just talking, or jamming along to music while driving in a car. The scenes are shot well, and the dialogue is fine, but some of the driving scenes feel like padding for run time, and to save on budget. Sure, the background in a moving vehicle is slightly more interesting than characters just sitting in a room exchanging dialogue, but it's hard to ignore the fact that these scenes likely exist for the reasons mentioned.

This movie also some of the worst sound effects I've ever heard in a movie. It's perplexing how a few of these sound effects made it into the final cut, considering the quality of the rest of the film. Firearms have all the audible punch of a cap gun, and grenade explosions are even more lacklustre. The rest of the production is competent, from acting, writing, locations, cinematography, and even the other aspects of sound design, but the firearm and grenade sound effects are noticeably poor.

Also, there's one issue with the movie that made me remove one point from my rating. Near the end of the film, a shotgun appears in a characters hands after a cut, it's fired once, and then disappears in the next scene. It's a pivotal moment in the film, and it has an impact on the plot, so I'd consider this a plot hole, and not just a continuity error. The character clearly doesn't have a shotgun, and the weapon they're holding is ineffective. Then there's a cut, and suddenly they have a shotgun, and their original weapon is gone. Cut to the next scene and the ineffective weapon is back in the characters hands, and the shotgun has disappeared. It's a jarring and obvious mistake in an otherwise competent movie, and it can't really be ignored.

Otherwise, it's an alright movie. I've seen better, and I've seen worse. If you're a fan of the horror/comedy genre, you may find the movie worth watching. Though, be aware the movie is light on both the horror and comedy elements. It's competently made on what I suspect was a limited budget, but that didn't stop the people behind the production from making an alright movie. It won't become a classic, or even a cult classic, but it's not nearly bad enough to fall into the "so bad it's good" category either.

10 / 10

This was so much fun!

This was a ride from start to finish! Like legit a great movie! I watched it with friends and we were on the edge of our seats! Like the characters are so fun and the gen-z humor was great 10/10.