Suicide Club (2018)

Klariza Clayton, Kate Lister, Adam Newington, Claire-Maria Fox,
Locked in her flat for several years, a reclusive young woman stumbles upon a mysterious web community. According to an urban myth, the Suicide Club grants death to those wishing for it. Unless these "cyber suicides" are actually mur
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  • Writer:
  • Maximilian von Vier, Director:
  • Scott Jeffrey, Rebecca Matthews, Producer:

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5 / 10

Positive for once

I actually liked this film. I didn't expect much, and much wasn't delivered, so I wasn't upset at the slow pace or single location. The premise was nice enough, and tho the characters weren't deep at all, it did its job to keep me watching to the end. I will say the ending was disappointing. It felt rushed and incomplete.

3 / 10

Great Movie! That's A Great Joke.

When I give a bad rating, I try to watch as much of the movie as possible. To give the movie a chance. This movie was quite bad. Amateurish. I was losing my patience quite quickly. In the end, I gave up.

4 / 10

Had Potential...

This movie had some interesting ideas. Better actors, more clever writing and throwing out the generic romance angle would have gone a long way, maybe even made this into a decent B flick, as of now it is nothing but a missed opportunity.

1 / 10

hands in mouth disease

Character Liz couldn't keep her fingers out of her mouth and her hands off her face. The story was unremarkable and fell short on so many levels, it was bad...but hey, tricks are for kids, I'm sure they'll love it.

1 / 10

Stupidest movie I've ever seen!

Awful acting. Terrible storyline. Boring. Just tragic.