Streetwalkers (\N)

Steffani Brass, Eric Etebari,
Three college students filming a horror movie find themselves trapped in their own worst nightmare. Their only hope for survival is two detectives who find the camera they left behind.
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  • Jonah Kuehner, Writer:
  • Benjamin Louis, Director:
  • Rab Butler, Timothy Christian, Producer:


7 / 10

Solid B movie

Well I went into this not knowing what I was about to see but I found myself enthralled in the suspense. It kept me engaged and wanting to know the outcome. It was surprisingly well done, it had some throwback acting to the days of detective murder mysteries from the detectives but there was strong convincing acting in it as well mainly from the victims. Had some tongue and cheek moments regarding running out of time that made me smirk but well played in my opinion. I'd say to any who is reading this, I believe you will enjoy this and be gripping something along the way. Ending is fairly climactic with a twist. So kudos for that intelligent idea. Feelings may be mixed because of it depending on your taste but still worth a conversation after for a bit. And possibly and no way or ya got to be kidding me to follow while having a smile like you just been had or had you? ;) as I said solid B movie, way better than some I've seen for sure. Worth a watch. I found it to be creative and clever with a mix of several unique ideas.

2 / 10

This is a rough one...

I don't like to speak badly of low budget films, but "Stoker Hills" is pretty tough to get through. The movie starts as "found footage" where three film school students (Jake, Ryan, and Erica) tell their professor (played in a cameo by Tony Todd) that their contribution to this year's film school challenge will be a movie about zombie hookers that will be a combination of "The Walking Dead" and "Pretty Woman." OK, I guess. They go to film the movie, which at first consists of dressing Erica in ultra-conservative "hooker fashion" and then sending her to walk around while they talk over the shots and shoot film of literally anything except her. After a few minutes of this, they declare themselves done and Erica starts walking back at which time she is grabbed by some guy in a car and dragged away. Jake and Ryan immediately give chase, and we follow along. Everything that is wrong with "found footage" is here in spades -- incredibly annoying characters, whiplash camerawork, completely unrealistic scenarios, and, of course, they continue to film when nobody in the world would ever do so.

Eventually, they drop the camera and the camera is found by a passerby who gives it to the police. The movie then changes from a bad found footage movie to an excruciating police procedural. This part is bad, folks. The police are every stereotype imaginable. Using the "found footage" they try to figure out what happened and hopefully find Erica, Jake, and Ryan (they know Erica was grabbed and Jake and Ryan are missing). They are also those type of police that don't bother turning on the lights when they enter a dark room, preferring to move a flashlight around. No sense in letting the audience see what's actually happening, I guess. And we're also treated to one of the most unappealing "romances" you'll ever see.

Listen, I don't expect a classic screenplay here, but I expect it to make at least minimal sense. We don't know what the timeframe is -- when does the police work happen with respect to the "found footage" stuff? The investigation is boring and confusing and uncovers ridiculous plot twists and revelations that make absolutely no sense. Stuff is thrown in there to try to tie everything together but... man oh man, you just keep shaking your head and saying "What?" as pieces of the story are revealed.

On the plus side, the actors are giving their all, and the movie's climax does have some fun action in it. But any positives are wiped out by the way the movie finally resolves itself, which will make your opinion of it change from "Meh, just not very well done" to hating it with a white-hot hatred.

As I said, I hate dumping on low budget films but this is a rough one to sit through. It's also at a pretty premium price point on Amazon Prime for some reason, so probably save your money and avoid this one.

8 / 10

super entertaining!!

I created an account just to write this. Never reviewed a movie on imdb before.

Went in not expecting anything, but I was VERY pleasantly surprised!!

I really enjoyed this film and I think that you will, too.

Don't sleep on this one and give it a shot if you can.