Streets of Blood (2009)

Val Kilmer, 50 Cent, Sharon Stone, Michael Biehn,
Streets of Blood is a video starring Val Kilmer, 50 Cent, and Sharon Stone. A police officer's partner has died during Hurricane Katrina, but he later discovers that his partner may have been murdered. An investigation follows,...
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  • Gene Hess, Dennis Fanning, Writer:
  • Charles Winkler, Director:
  • Randall Emmett, George Furla, Avi Lerner, Producer:
4/10 / 10

I saw this movie because I was interested in the plot and the cast. The"dirty cops" premise is lately becoming an exploitation, to mind come"Training day", "Dark blue", "Narc", and "Dirty". Unfortunately allthese are far superior than this mess. The cinematography is nothingspecial, sometimes OK, sometimes awful. The story is quasi-complicatedand fails to bring any tension whatsoever. The acting is not bad, butnothing special either. Val Kilmer, Sharon Stone and Barry ShabakaHennley have little to work with. Biehn is pretty enjoyable. To me thebiggest surprise was 50 cent - he wouldn't win any award for his actinghere, but let's be honest, if I didn't knew he wasn't an actor but agangsta-rapper I would have never guessed it. His character is supposedto be torn apart between right and wrong, but we don't really feel forhim or never do we really see his inner struggle. This is however dueto bad writing and is not Jackson's fault. He is not worse than any ofthe other actors in the movie, this could be due to the thin story, butstill he does OK, no complaints here. Of course to all who knowsomething about 50 cent, fans or haters, it is hilarious to hystericalto watch him run around dressed as a patrol cop. The dialogue isaverage. Now the action on the other hand, if not on par with films as"Heat", "Ronin", or even Michael Bay's flicks is actually quite wellexecuted. The viewer is never confused who is shooting at whom and why,no guns firing 100000000 bullets without reloading either. The endingdoesn't make much sense. The editing is good, no MTV-style quick cuts.Overall it is just a movie to kill some time with, but don't expectanything above average. If You are interested in the cast feel free towatch it.

/ 10

This was the worst movie I have ever seen in 45 years. It didn't evenhave a hero or antihero to root for. Every character in the movie iscorrupt. The script, direction, acting, everything bad, bad, bad. Youmay want to buy a 10 foot pole to keep this one away and I am a ValKilmer fan!!! Maybe this movie was written by corrupt cops for corruptcops. Did this movie get made for 150,000 dollars and go straight toDVD? It wasn't even worth being made. I would be very surprised ifanyone who saw this enjoyed it and wanted to buy the DVD or watch itagain, not counting Sharon Stone's mother or Val Kilmer's sister. Ifyou love film, stay away. If you love Val Kilmer, stay away. If youlove Sharon Stone, stay away. If you love Michael Beihn stay away. Ifyou love Steven Segall movies you will enjoy this movie very much. LOL.

/ 10

I think this piece of crap pretty much ranks down there as the worstfilm in the history of cinema. Can't believe they had Sharon Stone andVal Kilmer participate in this for a paycheck. I guess they needed themoney. Val Kilmer acting opposite a gangster rapper now there's awashed up actor!

The so-called "director" is worse than a 1st yr NYU student atfilm-making. How do these people get the financing and get to "direct"movies just blows my mind... It's shot with this totally wankingdocumentary style which looks cheap and I find really distracting.Millennium Films sucks gas.

4/10 / 10

I am really disappointed in this film. Seeing the premise in it'sdescription it sounded like it had a lot of potential. Val Kilmer isgenerally a good actor and he is not horrible in this however the plotis so confusing that it really doesn't do him justice as an actor.Sharon Stone's accent is so bad, it upstages her performance whichreally could have been anyone. That part didn't even warrant starbilling. I don't have a problem with 50 cent. I think for who he is,playing this part was a stretch and it shows that maybe he isdeveloping some range as an actor.

Overall the plot is just too confusing and the story seems to roamaround finding itself. I still do not understand the end in that itdidn't seem to be set up well in the earlier stages of the film. As Isaid, lot's of potential.. obviously a poorly written script.

6/10 / 10

Yet another film made bad by horrible casting choices. Seriously, howcan you expect to sellout movie theaters casting Val Kilmer and Curtis"50 Cent" Jackson as your lead roles? To be honest, when I first heardof about this film I was surprisingly excited to see it. I've alwaysliked Val Kilmer and thought this could actually be good. But of coursethe excitement didn't last long. This film is full of drawn outsuspense, horrible acting splashed with horrible Louisiana accents andmy favorite part of any film which is getting lost in the story. Thatsaid the 6 stars I gave for this film are strictly on the basis of itssuspense aspect and any director having the kahunas to put 50 cent intheir film should get just a little credit.