Strange Negotiations (2019)

David Bazan,
Strange Negotiations is a movie starring Jonah Bayer, David Bazan, and David Dark. A documentary exploring the spiritual, artistic, and personal turmoil of musician David Bazan (from the band Pedro the Lion), set against America's...
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10 / 10

Powerful, meaningful, and insightful

Shot beautifully with great atmosphere. David Bazan is so eloquent and the film shows that he has given his life to explore the ideas he "negotiates" with. The storyline of Bazan as a musician fit in perfectly as well. Strange Negotiations captures the turmoil within a man raised on principles he fell out of love with, all while surviving on his painfully public profession.

6 / 10

Above Average Documentary on the Reinvention of a Musician

Strange Negotiations, also the title of an album by the artist profiled here, David Bazan, has a well shaped story arc that carries along the viewer who may not be as knowledgeable with the kind of music Bazan plays. A popular figure in Christian rock circles, Bazan has lost some of his crowd when he starts to question the faith he was brought up in, coincidentally around the same time that many US Christians are starting to support the very un Christian character of Donald Trump.The cleverly thought out directorial approach alternates between sweeping overhead views of the landscapes Bazan drives himself through, as he tries to reinvent his audience by playing in smaller house party setups, and tight closeups as we see the musician ruminating about his situation.The film should appeal to fans of indie rock, to those who have gone through a similar crisis of faith, and to those who want to share a glimpse of parts of the American terrain that, as the director has pointed out, are often ignored by the coastal elites.