Stowaway (2020)

Anna Kendrick,
Stowaway is a movie starring Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, and Shamier Anderson. A stowaway on a mission to Mars sets off a series of unintended consequences.
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  • Ryan Morrison, Writer:
  • Joe Penna, Director:
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5 / 10

Disappointing Ending

It was actually decent up until the ending. I wasn't expecting a happy ending but I was at least expecting a conclusion. The movie just stops. So annoying. At least give us a final montage or something. So disappointing.

7 / 10

Do not stay away from Stowaway

I really love space related movies. It's a slow paced movie. I do not know space gravity and stuffs so I cannot comment on that, but the movie itself has its moments. The movie shows moral dilemmas among space crews and how they deal with it. At times the movie gets a bit boring, but if you look past it, its quite an enjoyable watch. At least worth watching one time. The ending was emotional and not cliché.

4 / 10

oof. another anti-SF

I understand that what makes movie watchable is not the same as making science correct. But there is so much good SF that is not so problematic from start to finish. It's so bad it would take 3 hours to go over what they got wrong. From Idiotic Premise to all kids of numbers and logical flaws. Poor characters , poor writing, poor visuals... why is very big SF is made but ppl that clearly hate SF.

5 / 10

Well, it was a movie!

Well, it had actors. And it had dialog. And there was a plot. So I guess it was a movie. Nothing overtly bad about this movie. But nothing really great either. Just a movie about a problem in space and a plot that crawls along, with no real twists (except predictable ones), no great dialog, no great acting. Just a movie about some stuff that happens. OK to watch if you want to pass the time. Just don't expect a lot.

3 / 10

The story... just... stopped.

Excellent and plausible buildup to a suspenseful nothing. Plot holes galore didn't prepare us for the monumentally abrupt ending. Despite the lack of character development the movie was working well. But the lack of dialogue regarding their predicament only compounded the fact that the tale was lost from the get-go. Some lovely scenes, competent acting, elegant special effects. But at some point, the producers rang on the red phone to say that the party was over. Very disappointing.