Stowaway (2018)

A tenacious party girl fights to survive after three thieves commandeer her luxury yacht (PANIC ROOM on a yacht).
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  • 2018-09-07 Added:
  • Writer:
  • Declan Whitebloom, Director:
  • Mike Dill, Jib Polhemus, Lowell Shapiro, Producer:


2 / 10


The mind-bending question I have is WHY does still anyone think it's a good idea to cast the Queen of the Talentless - I hereby name Ruby Rose - in any role? And WHY is an actor like Frank Grillo, who has shown he has actual talent for a certain type of character and who can actually act, in the need to starr in movies alongside her?

Ruby Rose is the female equivalent to nowadays Bruce Willis: If she's in, don't watch it. Asylum and Troma movies are intellectual big-budget masterpieces compared to anything (especially TV series) with her in.

In this movie again we can see the usual stiff acting, the usual tropes, the usual outcome .... a run-of-the-mill action movie (with not much action), wooden acting, wooden dialogue and not worth a dime - not to mention you precious time you will never get back once wasted on this dud.

3 / 10

Pretty bad

The acting is terrible and the storyline is just as bad. Without giving anything away the whole concept is completely ridiculous.................... ..................

8 / 10

Punches above its weight

This independent film from first time director Declan Whitebloom packs a lot of punch for its size. It's a brilliant story, think Panic Room on a super yacht, that has been deftly executed by Whitebloom who applies his craft after many years working in music videos and commercials. Ruby Rose and Frank Grillo, as well as Patrick Schwarzenegger, deliver top notch performances, keeping the suspense as well as the action in just the right tone making it all extremely entertaining and a lot fun.

9 / 10


Storyline was very good , probably needed a couple of changes ; but for a first time director i am impressed. Would of been nice to see more of Frank Grillo & Patrick Schwarzenegger. Ruby Rose was great! Luis Da Silva Jr killed his role. From seeing him normally playing the other side, including roles in Fast and Furious, Triple 9, 21 Jump street and Dead Man Down, this was a completely believable character and a different light was portrayed on him. I would definitely watch this movie again, is it a academy award project, no , but is it a good thriller ? ABSOLUTELY.

1 / 10

Some B-movies are better than others...and this one is terrible!

I started watching it for Frank Grillo, who is a great B-movie actor who has starred in many decent B-movies. This is not one of them though!

The bad: this movie looks and feels cheaply made, shot in a really weird filmformat (video?). But that's not what was bothering me the most though, because this movie isnt in any kind of way thrilling or suspenseful. Not even the few action scenes are impressive.

Completely forgettable. And for the Frank Grillo fans out there, better watch any other B-movie with him, instead of this inferior product.