Steve-O: Gnarly (2020)

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  • Mark Ritchie, Director:
  • Dave Higby, Shanna Zablow Newton, Producer:
1 / 10

Don't Waste Your Time

During this time of massive death and unemployment, people have nothing to do, they're stuck at home, and they are looking for a little something to entertain and take their mind off of the world crashing around them. Steve-O ain't it. Combine a cringy stand-up act with a 46 yr old reminiscing about his 16 yr old self is bad enough.

6 / 10

It's a stand-up act

Steve-o mention this "movie" on his youtube-channel. He had gathered the old gang for something new! And I thought it would be reminiscent of the Jackass-movies or something, but no! Make no mistake, this is a stand up comedy special.

It has a couple "stunts" that are filmed elsewhere, but the rest is Steve-O doing stand-up with a guest thrown in here and there.

But I like Steve-O and Gnarly isn't bad. But if you follow his youtube channel, you've probably heard most of the "stand-up" material before, save the one of two new segments. Some video footage etc.

So yeah. It is what it is. Enttertaining, but far from a revolution of any kind.

7 / 10

Only for the hardcore fans

I think it's great to see Steve come through all the drugs and hard times and be doing some awesome positive y things with his life.His podcasts and animal rights stuff are great and I love all his new content but I can see how it doesn't appeal to many.

10 / 10

simply steve-o

Great to see sober steve-o can still pull of crazy stunts while being aware of his health, great watch and worth the money.

5 / 10

the funniest thing

Was bam pissing on him when strapped to the truck. the rest meh.. dont really wanna look at steves carrot and peas over and over again and the rest was just gross humor. I think a show about the real steve-o would be more interestingly funny than parlor tricks and trying to commit suicide on camera for a laugh.