Staycation (2022)

Ali Abdin, Mike Anderson, Jaies Baptiste, Stefanie Bernstein,
Divorce is on the horizon for Kyle and Dawn, but before they call it quits, their marriage counselor gives them a final homework assignment. They must spend three days together in a house, ALONE. During their stay the causes for t...
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  • Aaron Abdin, Director:
  • Shelton Jolivette, Producer:

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8 / 10

A Universal Love Story

Staycation has much to admire. It's a classic couple drama, but manages to include humor and real emotion. The story is universal in a literary sense. Although the main characters are all Black, the story they are living touches all of us. It could just as easily apply to gay couples. We've all lived these things. Add to this a great soundtrack, excellent casting, acting and directing and you have a great experience in a normal 90 minute film. Watch it with your best friend, especially if that happens to be your spouse.