Stay Alive (2006)

Jon Foster, Samaire Armstrong, Frankie Muniz, Jimmi Simpson,
For a group of teens, the answer to the mysterious death of their old friend lies within the world of an online video game based on the true story of an ancient noblewoman known as the Blood Countess.
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  • Matthew Peterman, Writer:
  • William Brent Bell, Director:
  • McG, Peter Schlessel, James D. Stern, Producer:


8/10 / 10

For what it is, this movie rocks! I know it's silly and predictable andeven just plain-out awful, but it is ENTERTAINING, and yeah, I had funlaughing at it. Also, Some of it was creepy, but in a very formulaicway. Very fun. You should see it if you want a silly horror movie thatdoesn't completely suck. The countess was weird-looking, and that wassomewhat purposeful because she's a VIDEO-GAME CHARACTER. Malcolm inthe Middle was in it -- too bad, I thought that kid was actually good.The house itself is pretty creepy, and the game, if it does or willexist, would be very fun to play. C'Mon! You can't hate it for beingbad, it even makes fun of itself! It is really a good hour and a halfof...something. Something okay in my book.

7/10 / 10

STAY ALIVE Rated PG-13 for horror violence, disturbing images,language, brief sexual and drug content. Directed By: William BrentBell Starring: Jon Foster, Frankie Muniz, Samaire Armstrong, and SophiaBush Runtime: 85 minutes


7 out of 10. Not very scary, but it is enjoyable.


OK. I was not expecting much from this flik from the get-go. Scriptalthough more original than most of the crap movies to come out lately,was still nothing ground breaking. And, having a relatively unknowndirector on the project wasn't giving this film any better buzz. Thenthe trailer was released, which made this movie look even worse. Sotoday I see a matinée for this film with a friend of mine, and I'msurprised to find myself watching a genuinely interesting film.

Is it scary? Not really. There's a few boo scares thrown around, butnone of them really work. I like during some of the creepy scenes howsilent it was, but it never really paid off properly.

Is it at least suspenseful? Yes. It is, in fact, very suspenseful.There are some really cool chase scenes, and some pretty decent "whatwas that!?" moments.

Is it gory? No. The pictures were, as most suspected, quick shots inthe film, and you barely saw any of it. This was, of course, to keepthis flik pg13. That's annoying, but whatever, I could get over itrather quickly.

Editing, Directing, etc. was all pretty solid, nothing shocking, butnothing horrible either.

And now, to the part most people are probably interested in: How wasthe video game sequences? Awesome. This is by far the best part of themovie. When it goes into the video game, it gets really cool. Thebeginning shines best in this particular style the movie goes for. Withsome creepy "Samara" like ghosts crawling around, and plenty ofstabbing, the video game sequences are the scariest and goriest partsof the flik. These are the scenes that truly shine.

So what else can I say? It's an enjoyable flik that floats inmediocrity until the video game sequences. Thats when it shines. Whichmakes this a 7 rather than a 6 out of 10.

All in all: Not very scary, but suspenseful. A pretty solid film thatcan entertain you, but there will definitely be haters. I say lean backand enjoy a decent rental (when it's released on DVD that is) It willbe worth the 6-8 bucks you pay for it.

5/10 / 10

Stay Alive is a new game in which you have to stay alive or suffer theconsequences in real life, it's a pretty cool concept and one thatcould have been executed way better than it actually was.

Surprisingly the film is far less cheesy than i figured it would be,the cast are quite convincing, albeit as pretty shallow characters andthe direction, editing and general production are adequate enough. Whatlet it down was the way it sets out the rules and then picks which onesit will follow depending on what stage the story was at, contrivingevery step of the way to make it fit.

It was mildly entertaining to watch and there is a decent sense oftension throughout, although the scares were all a bit cheap andclichéd, and it definitely didn't need the twist at the end, i hopeit's not a setup for a sequel.


8/10 / 10

After seeing the movie, I was freaked out to even go down to mybasement in fear that I may see "The Bloody Countess". I was trulyfreaked out by this movie. The whole storyline of the video game tiedin very well. Made it almost believable. The next day I checked themovie out online to find that this was based on the REAL bloodycountess, Elizabeth Bathory. I found it quite interesting the life thiswoman led. That people (NOBLE PEOPLE) can get away with things likethis. The depths she would go to, to stay youthful and the harm she puton to so many girls. I would recommend this to anyone to enjoys a heartstopper and to encourage them to check out the real story behind thiswoman. Quite graphic and gross to be truthful but interesting at thesame time.

9/10 / 10

As a major horror game fan i loved the fact that this film includedreferences to my favourites "fatal frame" (project zero over here inblighty!) and silent hill... so what if there's a couple of holes inthe story? that just makes it even closer to a horror game! how many ofyou who have actually played silent hill or fatal frame can honestlysay it made perfect sense? It just added to my enjoyment of the film,and pointing out similarities in the film from the games made me feellike a big fat nerd :0) but a happily entertained nerd! I liked that itwasn't a slash-em up gross out like the majority of horror films arenow, and that the story was based on an actual legend (the story ofElizabeth Bathory, not the characters in the film). Overall, impressed,would recommend it, but not to wusses who get nightmares easily :0D