State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith (2022)

Tells the harrowing story of a woman trying to use Alabama's Stand Your Ground law after killing a man she says brutally attacked her.
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8 / 10


Important and a lesson to be learned documentary on the judicial and civil rights of womanhood.

A man shot cause hes being a threat to the homeowner, a woman in this case, is usually coverd by an alabaman law that says you have the right ''to stand your ground'' matter the crime, the juudge of this case overulled selfdefence in this case due to inconsistencies in a 911 call, police cam dialouges and interviews done at the station, merely things happening in the heat of the moment...

here in norway were not taking to a gun or knife to protect our grounds, usually it ends in a fight on the knucles, but selfdefence killings have occured every 2-3 years. So ''having the lawfull right'' to... well it sounds absurd because here in norway we have alawset common right to trespass as long as its done in a sensible way and has a reason. Also the equality of genders have come farther than in the southern states of there is some primitiveness over the fact that such a law exists at all in my mind...

but thats just a grumpy old mans mind, that doesnt matter at all. I consider this as a pilot project for a netflix series, its quite amazing really...

8 / 10

An important story told simply

This was a simple story; not a fantastical one. Told respectfully. The fact the prosecutor and the judge declined comment, meant this could only be told this far. The take-away from watching this is that the judicial system in Alabama is still heavily prejudice towards women (and as stated, towards minority groups).

I found this an honest portrayal of life for communities, that suffer the ills of neglect and financial hardship. Banality and rampant drug abuse - a common source for this self destruction that leads to the penal system mill; is a forever told story, but one that never ceases to draw attention and doesn't appear to want to fix itself. Selfish, tired and old; this kind of governance eats it's young and tube feeds it's corrupt establishment. This is the story of a broken system with it's pitiful outcome.

Leaves you empty but how else to tell it.

3 / 10

Very misleading and biased

It's clear from the start that this documentary is trying to push a narrative. This would be fine if they told the whole story, and had a strong case for that.

The details they left in and inconsistencies they tried to explain away muddied up that narrative as well as implying that the female judge had something against women.

The details they left out, which I looked up after watching this, make it very clear that this isn't a simple stand-your-ground case, as this documentary claims. This made me feel like I wasted 40 minutes on falsehoods.

I watched a 15 min breakdown by Dr. Todd Grande on YouTube on this case, and learned more than watching this.

In retrospect, she is very lucky with the plea they offered her.

8 / 10

My heart goes out to Brittany and the other women..

Living in the UK as I do, only came across this case / story through Netflix late one Sunday night.

I enjoy true crime stories so impressed play.

At a run time of about 40 minutes, it doesn't delve too deep, but it interviews the important people on the case including Brittany herself.

What a woman she is. What a nightmare she's lived through. What a strength she has.

The law, it is said, is an ass, in this case, the judiciary of Alabama should be hanging their heads in shame. Brittany didn't deserve this, they know she didn't, why else offer more time for Manslaughter than for murder? They wanted her convicted for murder.

If she felt a new life in the UK was for her, she'd be welcome at mine for a pot of tea and a biscuit.