Stand by Me Doraemon 2 (2020)

Bakarhythm, Shihoko Hagino, Shin'ichi Hatori, Yumi Kakazu, Subaru Kimura, Kotono Mitsuishi,
One day Nobita Nobi found a old stuffed bear which his grandmother gave it to him. Nobita decided to go back in time to meet his grandmother. Grandma accepts Nobita's belief that he is a young child who has suddenly arrived. Nobita'
  • 7.5 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
  • DatePublished:
  • 2021-07-06 Added:
  • Fujio F. Fujiko, Writer:
  • Ryuichi Yagi, Takashi Yamazaki, Director:
  • Producer:
10 / 10

Doraemon is best

Hello I love doraemon series and now this is best movie

10 / 10

It's Blockbuster

Oh my god this movie will be the best 3d animated movie in the world.

10 / 10

Blockbuster Doraemon Movie of the year??????

The story is really great and Very Emotional.....This movie should be released worldwide and India it should must come.....??????

10 / 10

Superb movie the best movie ever watched

Love this movie the best movie ever watched in my life love it.The best movie ever love it

10 / 10

DORAEMON is best. This is the best movie .

But when it is going to come in India.I have not watched this movie yet but I know that this will be superhit.Hey Disney India we want this movie please.