Stalked Within (2022)

Wes Brown, Meagan Tandy, Najah Bradley, Brely Evans,
A delusional home security operator uses his company's residential interior cameras to spy on a single mom as his infatuation turns into a deadly obsession.
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  • Meredyth Owen, Writer:
  • Glen Owen, Director:
  • Bree Baylor, Chuck West, Producer:

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6 / 10

Rather intense thriller...

I have to admit that when I sat down to watch the 2022 thriller "Stalked Within", then I wasn't really harboring much of any grand expectations to the movie, as it seemed like one of those generic thrillers. But I still opted to give it a chance, since it was a movie that I hadn't already seen. In fact, I had actually never heard about "Stalked Within", as I sat down here late in 2022 to watch it.

Writers Glen Owen and Meredyth Owen actually put together a wholesome script. Sure, it was bordering on being downright generic in terms of originality, but luckily the cast managed to work their magic and make it more than just your average thriller.

The acting performances in "Stalked Within" was good. I wasn't familiar with the cast ensemble here, and that is something I enjoy when I watch a movie. Meagan Tandy (playing Sarah) was nicely cast, but it was definitely Wes Brown (playing Gary) that carried the mvoie with his spot on and genuinely disturbing portrayal of a deranged psycho.

I was genuinely entertained by director Glen Owen's movie, and it is actually a movie that I will warmly recommend you to watch if you enjoy thrillers.

My rating of "Stalked Within" lands on a six out of ten stars.

7 / 10

Scary good thriller!

This was an unexpected surprise and really impressed me as to how well directed a film it was. A thriller for sure with some violence and foul language. Single mom Sarah and her son, Jalen, move to Atlanta, and have a security system installed in their new home. When there is an attempted break-in, the system does its work and alerts Gary, the operator who sees everything happening on his screen and he scares off the intruder. Sarah is so grateful and is approached by the security company to do a spot for 10G's sharing her story and plugging the product. But they didn't tell her that she would come face-to-face with Gary who becomes her worst nightmare and ends up planting cameras in her home. Key-logging her computer, and tracking her every move with GPS! Gary wants a family and will stop at nothing to make sure Sarah knows it. Wes Brown makes a convincing job psycho stalker. A good script and a solid cast makes this a definite RECOMMEND!!!