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David Winters,
In the course of an action-packed battle royal of elite military forces, a small child forms an emotional bond with the reluctant guardian sent to protect her.
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1 / 10

Negative rating

Sameer Lodaya

This movie deserves a negative rating but we can't do it

What a dare by the director to make such a movie..the story is about to save a child which is already safe and the whole world wants that child

The movie goes from Kashmir to unidentified countries..every body played their role with the heights of over acting and are looking ugly specially pooja batra

No words.

1 / 10

Watching Chota Bhim.

It's really funny.

Story is not good, poorly executed and acted poorly. Unsure why was this even made.

It is like watching Chota Bhim in real characters.

1 / 10

Is this how you make an action thriller?

I am so pissed off that now i am going to literally write a ruthless review about this film SQUAD about which I came to know only when Youtube suggested me its trailer. It is not even an action thriller but an action drama cuz there is a lot of drama going on in the backend. I am going to put it in points and elaborate.

1. LAUNCH - This film was supposed to be the launching pad for Danny's son Rinzing. Is this how you guys launch a new face, and that too a son of a popular actor? Release his first film on OTT without any sort of promotion and you expect people to watch it? First you need a larger audience and for that OTT is not the place and that too Zee5 Lol! Horrible marketing team.

2. RINZING - Coming to the actor himself. Rinzing is one bulky hulky guy that literally knows no other expression other than a stern look. Even when he tries to smile, his lips barely widen into a smile and its evident when you compare his smile to that of Malavika's. Rinzing has no other tone to his dialogues. In songs, he is literally a mannequin that Malavika has to push and pull literally to try make him move even an inch. Even an expressionless Arjun Kapoor had a solid launch pad which a reason today even after being trolled he has a good reach.

3. ACTION - ah my favorite part! What Pathetic action sequences! They dont know how to edit an action sequence. First, those loud hilarious (and painful to ears) raps that play in every action sequence it made me so irritated that literally i had to skip past the action sequences at the end imagine me doing this in a legit action movie. Second, abrupt and several cuts in the sequences didn't allow me to enjoy any sequence fully and hence absolutely no thrill. Third, the gun fires oh god please they literally put some video game gun fire sounds and it is easily captured by a person like me who has been on games lately.

4. SONGS - two of them sound good only on youtube but in this film they are placed so badly especially this one hilariously choreographed song 'Baras Ja Tu' where you will understand why i called Rinzing a mannequin. Action Thrillers should be devoid of any songs and this does exactly the opposite. These things worked out in 2010s era , not anymore in 2021.

5. LOGIC - beautiful logic everywhere! In the climax Rinzing casually walks in the open while a dude with an RPG literally targets him from not very far and guess what? Two shots and both of them hit atleast 10m away from Rinzing and the blasts were so weak that they looked like a Diwali bomb going off leaving Rinzing unhurt. In such serious missions , you expect full focus on mission and professionalism but our sexy Malavika starts to dream of romancing Rinzing (I can feel she would be crying from inside saying "did i have to romance this statue?").

Some hand to hand combats look decent enough and locations were good these are the only good things from this film. Overall, Rinzing needs a much better film. He is off to a disastrous start all i can say with no buzz whatsoever of his arrival into cinemas. Even though i feel it should have been released in theatres and heavily promoted in order to atleast try reach a bigger audience but still in one way, its ok considering it would have been a waste of money.

1 / 10

Badly made movie

Very poor direction. Pathetic acting. Very bad dialogues. Background music appears to be heavily inspired from Pacific Rim which was an awesome movie. Not sure why it is highly rated.

1 / 10

Save Yourself

Pathetic movie with bad direction and super bad acting. Rinzin really needs to learn acting and have different expressions. Scenes cut abruptly a d action sequences are pathetic as well.

In short, save yourself some time and dont watch this movie.