Spider in the Web (\N)

Monica Bellucci, Ben Kingsley, Itay Tiran, Filip Peeters,
Spider in the Web is a movie starring Ben Kingsley, Monica Bellucci, and Itay Tiran. A young operative is sent on a mission to follow an older agent who's behavior has come into question.
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  • Gidon Maron, Emmanuel Naccache, Writer:
  • Eran Riklis, Director:
  • Jacqueline de Goeij, Leon Edery, Moshe Edery, Producer:
3 / 10

Boring to almost unbearable

The message at the beginning states "Based on real events"; I really cannot believe events so absurd and forced could ever happen.This is another Mossad movie where agents are incredible bland with everybody but themselves. Where forced and basically unrealistic setups are used in order to obtain information but at the end things solved just miraculously.A great actress as Monica Belucci is basically unused here. An outstanding actor as Kingsley has to carry a character that too boring and to be bland to be realistic.The rest of the cast simply cannot act.The story starts interesting for the first minutes; but then expends almost two hours in father / son relationship or on love story; both of them unnecessary an unrealistic and completely boring.When the not so unexpected ending comes; it is almost impossible to believe a bunch of incredible smart people were played for fools. Do not waste your time it is pretty stupid and worthless.

6 / 10

ben is much better than usual recently

Not because its a good film or agood plot or a complete spy story as we grew up with in the 1980s, 1990s and the start of this century. no, ben is just simply the slick, eloquent, wellspoken and as usual iconic bawled headed eagle of silverscreen stardome, that awoke in my early movie theater seat , with his lead role as ghandi in the film ghandi that were acclaimed up to the stars and to infinity( a film that norwegian school boards found so groundbreaking, they made it compulsary to watch, and in buses we were shuffled to see this nearly 3 hour slow paced story about indias fiht for independence. as a middle schooler i was far too young for bald heads and cast-system).

its a spy movie, with lots of espionage and counterespionage, mossad,cia,mi-summasummarum or whatever and so on. a jumping jack of a story, that murders here and hugs there, and with fast shifting locations due to easy passing borders in the eu, and small distances between the metropolises of the lower countries, and its defeat and betrayal at all levels, even the two lead carachters the eagle and the finch has a fight in the end.

so the grumpy old man thinks its just one of them mediocre attempts to make a new generation of spy game movies, not with an amazing success this time, but ben is good. a grumpy recommend in the end.

3 / 10

Unbearable writing, I couldn't finish past the 2nd half

1 hour and 53 mins of blah blahhh blahhh. Wow, what were the writers thinking? As a fan of Ben Kingsley, all the useless, boring and unnecessary dialogue they gave him, made even him unbearable. I guess the producers never heard of editing a film down with proper pacing to make it viewable. This should be a 1 star from me, but all 3/10 go to Ben Kingsley and the fairly decent directing and cinematography.

6 / 10

The saving grace is Kingsley, who can do this sort of thing in his sleep.

Ben Kingsley plays an aging Israeli agent investigating a company suspected of selling chemical weapons in this spy thriller.

"Spider in the Web" is slow and talky; and though it delivers a couple of good twists, the unfortunate result is that you wind up thinking how much more you'd prefer to be reading this kind of story, that's been told many times in spy novels, than instead of watching this tedious exercise.But the saving grace is Kingsley, who can do this sort of thing in his sleep but never gives the appearance that he's doing so.

Conclusion - This movie is slow and and boring but Kingsley, who's always at his best is the only reason to watch it...Rated this 6/10

4 / 10


Boring,boring,boring...Nothing else to say...4 stars just because of Ben Kingsley...