Speechless (1994)

Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, Christopher Reeve, Bonnie Bedelia,
Speechless is a movie starring Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, and Christopher Reeve. Two political speechwriters fall in love before they find out they are working for candidates on opposite sides.
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7 / 10

Competent and easy on the eye romantic comedy

Easy on the mind, on the eyes, and on the ears.

Geena Davis and Michael Keaton make the most of the best lines in the script, and support from Christopher Reeve is excellent. The film stutters on occasion and may be ten minutes or so too long, but it manages to keep you interested, just.

Watch for the continuity errors when Geena manages to get herself engaged during one short bedtime phone call. The ring that didn't come from the phone!!! And what an appearance by the red Morgan convertible, put through its paces by Davis and Keaton in more than one way.

Good for a night in with popcorn, chocs, and ice cream.

7 / 10

Very enjoyable

Although it won't win any awards, it's a light, cute romantic comedy that should be taken as just that. There are no twists and surprises, and unless you have an extremely weak heart, you won't pass out from tension.

Michael Keaten and Geena Davis, star as campaign speech writers who fall in love. The catch? They're speech writers for each other's opponents. Keaten for the Republican and Davis for the Democrat. You can basically sum up what the movie is about, and how it will end. There are no big surprises, and although these kinds of movies aren't normally my taste, I love this one. It has a certain quality that's hard to deny and the chemistry between the two actors is always there, and is very noticeable.

I would recommend the film the anyone. It's light-hearted and sweet. A great watch.

10 / 10

perfect romance!

This movie STILL remains my favorite romance film of all time! The yearning; the indecision; the misunderstanding; the confusion; the thrill of having to keep their encounters undercover; the fact they both landed at the same love song (No Se Tu); the "prove it" test Julia gives Kevin; and BEST of all, the SENSE-OF-HUMOR unites all the elements for a PERFECT LOVE story. I truly appreciated the character of Julia because she wasn't your typical woman rescued by a "rich-guy" as most romance movies have it. And how can one not melt for Kevin's vulnerable openness and the fact he was not intimidated by Julia's success but rather appreciated her for it. All my friends can have their "Pride and Prejudice", but I know better than to under-estimate the melting power of a funny guy. I should know, I married one--still chuckling 27 years and counting.

6 / 10

Although it won't leave one speechless, this is an intelligent and humorous romcom

Julia (Geena Davis) is a longtime speechwriter, currently working on a senatorial campaign in New Mexico. Kevin (Michael Keaton) has just been hired to be the speechwriter for the opposing candidate. Both are insomniacs. Late one night, they connect at the hotel shop counter where they are both reaching for a bottle of sleeping pills. Sparks fly furiously. Neither knows the other's occupation. But, how long will it be before this big secret is revealed? And, isn't Julia engaged to a hotshot international correspondent anyway? This is a cute movie in a cactus setting. Davis and Keaton are funny and believable as the ace writers. A scene where they speak/duel before a group of school children is priceless. The supporting cast is nice, the script is quite good, and the costumes and scenery more than adequate. And, yes, the movie has some good messages about politics, wolves in sheeps clothing, and true believers. Although it won't leave anyone speechless, this intelligent, humorous love story delights its target audience very well.

7 / 10

Cute silly movie

When now a days the only news one hears are tragic and when going to the movies is basically to see violence and sex, it is always refreshing to see a cute silly movie that allows you to smile and spend an hour and a half without suffering through its plot. This movie, in my opinion, carries a little bit of several styles of comedy: situations that make it funny and the use of lines where you have to interpret what they are saying in order for them to make sense and allow you to smile. This movie is very local, in the sense that you have to be a native English speaking person to really understand many of the intended meanings of the dialogues. Any way it is a well spent 90 minutes of your time to relax a little and follow it through with interest. For Spanish speaking viewers, the background song: NO SE TU makes it very worthwhile to watch/hear.