Special (2022)

Mackenzie Crook, Toby Jones, Matt Weyland, Rachael Stirling,
With the scout hall suffering from lack of funding, Andy and Lance have the perfect way to raise funds with their new dig. But why does Lance want to keep it a secret from everybody?
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10 / 10

Another Perfect Gem

Well, I've been waiting all year for this..and it did not disappoint!

This has been my favourite series which I watch over and over.

This Christmas special was absolutely packed with 'catch up' information and enough new tangents for another series ! It's extremely difficult to fit into a one off 70min programme all the events of the past 5 years and also create a new plot.

As usual, Mackenzie has fed us tantalising bits of archaeology to reel us in. The use of super little historical vignettes only add to the interest...and mystery.

It was wonderful to see everyone on form and so easy with each other. Nothing has changed; warm and comfortable. No one's life has really changed. The continuity hasn't dimmed.

And it was such a relief to have the passion of the original series' maintained. For me, it was like seeing old friends.

I wish that he could be persuaded to do another series ! Thank you, Mackenzie, for all the joy you've brought with this series over the past years & keeping the spirit alive this Christmas.

10 / 10

Never too much of a good thing..

Sublime and blindsided.. didn't see that coming..Fabulous, shame the story line wasn't made into a series..even an abridged one .

Non the less it's a real treat to see the gang back..And.as usual it will take a few viewings to get to grips with it all..Mackenzie Crook ,is somewhat of a modern day minstrel. And long may he continue to remind us of the more noble and kind disposition of our charactersThese characters are far too popular and of such great interest and love for him not bring them out again..Their is so much more to do and say. Be encouraged DMDC cannot go the way of the Dodo .

10 / 10

Mackenzie Crook Is A Genius Writer - You Don't Watch Detectorists , You Live It .

In all my 66 years on the planet I have never experienced a series such as Detectorists , this is a show that will go down in TV history as the best ever written and I'm sure that I'm not the only viewer to be affected in this manner .

There isn't a weak character amongst them and it's not enough to watch them , you want to be part of them , nothing has ever come close to this gentle , beautiful , intelligent series and just because Mackenzie Crook saw fit to give us all an insight into what's been happening in their lives during the past 5 years does not make it boring , it just adds to its rich tapestry .

I understand why people are moaning , it did seem like a re-run of another plot done previously but the scope for a comedy involving Detectorists must be limited and if a bit of repetition appears then I for one will gratefully accept it .

I pray for another season - God bless you , Mackenzie Crook and everyone involved in the making of the best comedy ever .

7 / 10


The Detectorists return for a Christmas special. Five years after the last episode.

This is not a special set in foreign lands, just a new field. Andy (Mackenzie Crook) and Lance (Toby Jones) have got permission from a farmer to explore a new field that has so far remain unexplored.

However a character change overcomes Lance as he discovers piece of gold. Greed overtakes him as he wants to take sole credit for the big find that all detectorists dream about.

Eventually Lance sees sense thanks to his wife and re-buries the item and invites everyone for an open dig.

Only for Lance's attention to turn towards an old Nokia mobile phone and Andy makes the re-discovery. One that would also save The Danebury Metal Detecting Club's scout hall.

It threatens to end their friendship as Lance fails to get the plaudits and seems bitter about it.

Detectorists has always been a gentle comedy about pastimes, friendships and small things with characters that have a lot of heart. It is regarded something of a holy grail to the metal detecting world.

Writer and director Mackenzie Crook did not shake up the formula too much. It was a pleasure to see them back on screen again.

As it was Christmas, there was an animated sequence of how something valuable could had ended up there.

6 / 10

Too much of a good thing?

I've loved this programme like a lot of people from the first time I discovered it. However, I'm beginning to think Mr Crook should start thinking like his old mentor and stop while it's still on a high. This special was okay; not up to the standards of the early days. I don't think this works as well over a longer format. One of the charms of the series episodes was that they seemed to be over just as you were getting into them. They were nuggets to be savoured. Series three was a close run thing, but all in all I think he pulled it off. However returning seems a step too far this time. It's like going back to an old lover: while you are there again it's still pleasant, but you know deep down you probably should have let it be.....The odd thing is I still want more!