Space Jam 2 (\N)

LeBron James, Eric Bauza, Spencer Macdonald, Scott Yoshimoto,
A rogue artificial intelligence kidnaps the son of famed basketball player LeBron James, who then has to work with Bugs Bunny to win a basketball game.
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  • Leo Benvenuti, Alfredo Botello, Andrew Dodge, Willie Ebersol, Timothy Harris, Writer:
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1 / 10

Soulless & boring

Lebron is a terrible actor. Not that Jordan was good but at least he was charismatic enough to cover it in the original, not the case for LBJ. Bring in a bad storyline and CGI instead of animation and it feels soulless. If they had done old school animation and tried for more nostalgia it might have worked a bit better. This is a vanity project intended to make money, not to entertain. Skip this movie.

1 / 10

Lebron should never act ruined a classic!

This is just awful terrible service to people and Michael Jordan. Built on all hype there's no soul no great story like the first Space Jam. Lebron should never attempt to act again. Not to mention the new Lola Bunny looks just as bad. Kids will learn nothing from this well nothing good I should say.

1 / 10

One of the worst kids films I've seen

The cinema was full and for 2hrs not a single laugh. Dead silence in there. Poorly written and could've been so much better. LeBron James should never act again. However after all that, my kids said they liked it! If you're an adult that remembers the wonderful Looney Tunes characters, i feel you'll be so disappointed. Get your partner or babysitter to take the kids and dodge this.

5 / 10

Not my Jam!

It's a rare occurrence when the kiddos and I aren't on the same page when it comes to movies. It seems as if animation studios have learned to cater to adults as well as children when it comes to kids' movies, and that's a great thing as a parent. But then a movie like Space Jam: A New Legacy comes along which gives parents nothing to grasp on to and makes you feel every minute of its excessively long two-hour running time. As for the kiddos though, they absolutely loved it!

In Space Jam: A New Legacy LeBron James basically plays an exaggerated version of himself, treating his two boys like basketball teammates, rather than acting like a father, in a very overbearing and demanding way. Although one of his children likes playing basketball, his youngest Dom (Cedric Joe) would rather stay in his room building video games. LeBron is having none of it and demands that Dom constantly practice as well as attend an upcoming basketball camp. It is then, after a series of strange events, Dom & LeBron get sucked into a computer program run by Al G. Rhythm (Don Cheadle), with their only hope of returning to the real world if LeBron can beat Al G. In a basketball game. It may sound easy, but with James only having Looney Tunes characters as teammates and Al bringing in NBA & WNBA stars on his team, this may be a game that LeBron can't win.


Not a penny has been spared in making this one of the most colourful, beautifully animated features ever seen on film. Animation has come a long way from 1992's original Space Jam and in this sequel of sorts, all the usual Looney Tunes characters return, but this time, have been given a 3D-style makeover. If only some of that money was spent on producing a decent script!

Mr. 10: This film was awesome. I loved seeing all the Looney Tunes characters come to life and seeing Porky Pig rap was my favourite. There were also lots of funny jokes, which was good too.

Mr. 7: All the Looney Tunes characters are so silly and it's really funny when they're constantly fighting with each other. I like how they all team up together to play basketball against the bad guys.


With a script that sounds more like a Public Service Announcement, rather than an entertaining movie, I actually thought I was listening to something that a bunch of sixth-graders had put together rather than a Hollywood movie. While a lot of animated movies may cater to adults this film does not even bother, keeping everything low-brow and very childish from start to finish. I have no problem with this because my kiddos loved it, but what I don't understand however is just why you'd bizarrely put in scenes from The Matrix, Mad Max, and Casablanca. Mr.10 and Mr. 7 were continually leaning over in their chairs asking me what all these strange scenes were. Not only were kids not born when these films were originally released but they're not even in the age range to watch these films NOW!

Mr. 10: The only part of the film I didn't like was Al G. Rhythm because he didn't make any sense. Sometimes he's really strong and then sometimes he's really weak. If you run the computer program shouldn't you always be strong?

Mr. 7: I didn't like the bad guy because he kept changing the rules so he could win and LeBron would lose. It didn't seem very fair.


If you want to see a film whose main reason to exist is based wholly and solely to market toys to kids, then Space Jam is that film. From start to finish there is always a product brand, toy, or game perfectly positioned on the screen to face the audience with a character on the screen saying something along the lines of "hey will you pass me that LeBron James branded basketball?" 'Yes, I can pass you this LeBron James branded basketball'. This may be a slight exaggeration but watch this film and you'll get my drift.

I knew that Space Jam: A New Legacy wasn't going to be good but I just didn't expect it to be that bad. From wooden acting (by the human cast) to Looney Tunes characters with voices completely different than the ones I grew up with, this movie was quite the slog to sit through. In saying that though, my kids enjoyed every minute of it and I'm happy to admit that not every film is made for me.


Mr.10: This film was awesome. The Looney Tunes characters were really funny and it was great to see them all team up together. Porky Pig was the best. Four and a half out of five.

Mr. 7: I liked seeing all the Looney Toon characters turn from cartoon to 3D and they were all really funny. But I didn't like how long the film went for or the bad guy. Four out of five.

1 / 10

What was that?

As a kid I loved the first Space Jam. I mean the Looney tune characters get in way over their head and challenge the basketball game to a bunch of small aliens and then they become amazing. This.... His son gets kidnapped and the only way he can save him is by winning a basketball game? Really? It's so unrealistic and it's just a horrible premise. I know LeBron wants to exceed Michael Jordan, but maybe he should stop piggybacking off of his successes and make his own.