Space Brothers (2012)

Shun Oguri, Buzz Aldrin, Shin'ichi Tsutsumi, Hirofumi Arai,
As children, two Japanese brothers promise to one day be astronauts and meet each other in space. Years later, the older one has recently lost his job when he remembers that childhood's dream his younger brother is so close to ful...
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  • Chûya Koyama, Mika Ohmori, Writer:
  • Yoshitaka Mori, Director:
  • Kenzo Abe, Genki Kawamura, Hisashi Usui, Producer:

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9 / 10

Loved It!

Space Brothers surprised me positively. It's thrilling as a space movie should be, the story is better than similar movies, and the acting is pretty good. It begins with two kids finding a hobby they love and explores where a dream or lack of it can take people to.

Shun Oguri is great as the older brother. It's fun to watch him change gears between childish, thoughtful, miserable, and satisfied. He's surprisingly good at portraying a wide range of emotions in a single character and shines in a couple of dramatic scenes. There's this shampoo scene of his character that made me seriously laugh, which was a first for me in a space movie. Masaka Okada plays the younger brother and thankfully, he pulled off this one critical moment in the movie: If the most dramatic space moment in a space movie is bland, then that movie is over for me! This wasn't the case.

Space Brothers has a slightly different pace and sense than similar movies and I liked that. It has small faults but the brothers theme worked well and it's a good watch!

9 / 10

Great Drama that is both fun and educational.

Space brothers is not your typical anime. But it is really really good. In Space Brothers you follow Mutta as he tries to follow in his younger brother's foot steps to become an astronaut. Realistic characters and fairly realistic training separate this from your typical anime. (Apparently NASA who provide technical consulting, felt that the depicting training was actually more drawn out and tougher than what real astronauts go through.)

Mutta and his brother were likable, relatable characters as are their fellow astronaut candidates.

This is an excellent anime well worth watching. I would give it a ten, but it ended too soon for my taste.

10 / 10

Space Brother's Review - One of the best anime's

This slice of life anime go for whopping 100 episodes, it also contains some of the best written 100 episodes I have seen in a long time. The accompanying soundtrack is a perfect match to the theme of the show, a very calming and relaxing but serious soundtrack. The animation quality was perfect, allowing for vibrant colors to emerge and simply shine where usually they are rather tacky and boring. What is so amazing, is that despite its length, the show does not resort to fan service, or other insecure measures, to grab the audiences attention. But perhaps I shouldn't be surprised, it is after all an excellent Slice of life/ comedy anime.

After watching this anime, you come out feeling as if you have grown as person. As this anime addresses complex moral issues, in a more subtle logically reasonable way than the norm does (through Namba Muta's daily internal battles). Above all this anime inspires you and motivates you to find your dreams and fight for it, and never give up. I am so glad I watched this anime. This is a highly relatable anime. From having a weird family, to having crush that is nearly impossible to act on. Everything seems as if it was written to be an allegory on your own life. And thus I highly recommend this anime. Everyone should watch this if they wish to grow as a human being. 10/10. no question about it.