Sorum (2001)

Jin-young Jang, Myung-Min Kim, Lee Gang-Yeop, Ju-bong Gi, Yun-jeong Hong, Kim Hyeon-ok,
A 30 year old mystery resurfaces and takes over the lives of the people living in an eerie apartment complex.
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  • Jong-chan Yun, Director:
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7 / 10

Sorum-An intelligent horror film by South Korean director Yoon Jong-Chan.

It is easy to identify most films which are classified as Horror cinema. A large part of them have blood, gore and other gut wrenching scenes. It should come as a relief to horror cinema admirers that 'Sorum' is a different type of horror film. There is blood but it is shown in a very dignified manner. This has somewhat led to its being called an intelligent man's horror film. This film's dramatic elements bring viewers closer to the tragedy which happened three decades ago. Each character is closely observed to ascertain how his/her presence is related to events happening in present times. A wide variety of characters are represented in Sorum namely a young taxi driver, a talkative barber, a failed writer and a harassed wife. South Korean film 'Sorum' had its Indian premiere during 7th International Film Festival of Kerala 2002. Film critic Mr.Lalit Rao has experienced that watching it in 2015 is as interesting as it was in 2002 when he watched it during the film festival.

8 / 10

Wonderfully unique (and creepy to boot)

I've never seen anything quite like this picture before - it's an amalgamation of suspense, supernatural, and social realist genres and is well worth seeking out.

The film chronicles the various goings-on in the lives of several tenants of a crumbling Seoul highrise, primarily through the eyes of a new leasee who becomes caught up in their morally compromised existences. As the film progresses, we come to realize we know less about our narrator then we thought, and that he may be as capable of evil as the other characters.

To sum this film up is difficult, and I haven't even scratched the surface here. It's beautifully written, acted, and directed (by a first-time helmer no less!) and worthy of attention.

10 / 10

Masterful, disturbing

An obscure brilliant film, but not recommended for the faint of heart.

Yoon Jong-chan's masterful first feature film is a vision into the "heart of darkness" which relies on brilliant acting, cinematography and directing-- not gratuitous gore-- to tell a disturbing psychological horror story which hints at the supernatural.

The beautiful and painterly visuals transform a drab tenement into a hallucinatory house of horrors without ANY special effects, cliché jump cuts, or loud sound effects.

One of the best films I've seen in years. Left me thinking and questioning reality long after the film ended.

Check it out-- if you can find it.

7 / 10

Not quite the ghost story it appears to be

South Korea is rapidly gaining on established Asian moviemaking countries like Japan and Hong Kong by producing a number of distinct high caliber films in recent years. Though it's advertising makes it seem like a horror movie, "Sorum" is probably more accurately described as a psychological drama/ character study.

A young man moves into a run-down apartment building and soon gets into a relationship with a neighbor. Both the characters and the building have traumatic histories, and over time the ghosts of their past come to light. Viewers expecting a horror movie are likely to be disappointed, but "Sorum" is a subtle and atmospheric drama highlighted by fine direction and action. My main criticism would be that the "secret" of the main character is rather obvious, and telegraphed early on. But this is a minor point, and "Sorum" is recommended for those open to a creepy and challenging drama. 7/10

7 / 10

Chill from the common life.

This movie is a kind of horror - thriller flick. But it's not based upon supernatural things. This is based on our common life, though this apartment is for very poor people. In fact, this is a life-taken picture rather than a movie. That's the reason why I grade this movie as 7 points. In fact, the apartment in this movie is extremely creepy itself. If this movie exports worldwide, this is a highly recommendation!