Son (\N)

Son is a movie starring Emile Hirsch, Andi Matichak, and Luke David Blumm. When a young boy contracts a mysterious illness, his mother must decide how far she will go to protect him from terrifying forces in her past.
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9 / 10


I really didn't expect to be this taken aback by this film, but I am so glad I watched it. Everything was just so well done; the acting, the special effects, the tension, the direction; it just culminated into such a good horror film, that I can't sing it enough praises. I watch 1 horror movie every night and so far this year, I haven't found any that have left a lasting impact (Saint Maud and Sator being the only two that come to mind), but this film was so well done, so unique in its approach that I was left angry that it ended. I really wanted to see more of the characters and learn more about their stories.

This is one of those horror films for true fans of the genre. Those that don't understand good cinema wont appreciate just how well this movie was made. Believe me, if you live horror, you will love this film. Check my other reviews as proof!

7 / 10

A high-quality horror movie

This is the story of a single mom who discovers her son is suffering from a mysterious disease. When she finds out more about the disease, she struggles to help her son further. This is a high-quality, well-made horror movie. The story is well-written. It is hard to predict the next scene. Emilie Hirsch, Andi Matichak, and Luke David Blumm were awesome among the acting crew. In general, the acting was nice. I liked the background music, sound effect, and movements of the camera. In the movie, you will see many different locations. This movie has a nice story and is well-directed. I recommend this movie for the fan of the horror genre. You will enjoy this movie.

8 / 10

Very enjoyable

I had low expectations but after watching it I highly recommend it

8 / 10

A solidly watchable thriller

I had low expectations for Son, but found myself enjoying it a lot more than most other recent films. It's a simple story (borrowing a little from the 1976 movie "To the Devil a Daughter") well told with some nice horror and suspense moments. Often these kinds of films are bloated with filler and lulls, feeling like short-stories dragged out into a feature length for the sake of it - I didn't feel that at all here, right from the get-go it's efficient and doesn't waste any time, always keeping the audience engaged. There are some nice stylistic touches at times, the drenched neons of the motel, striking lighting, industrial robot vibes in the soundtrack. In terms of improvement I think it could have been boosted by pushing more into the horror aspects, as well as the complexities of the mother/son relationship, but I can see why they steered away from such things to keep it more of a genre film.

Excellent acting from Andi and Luke, they kept things feeling credible which I can't imagine was an easy task.

3 / 10

What is this?

Emile Hirsch doesn't seem to want to act in the movie. The sound in the movie is very bad, not even heard. What keeps the whole movie alive; Luke David Blumm