Snowbeast (1977)

Bo Svenson, Yvette Mimieux, Robert Logan, Clint Walker,
A Colorado ski resort is besieged by a sub-human beast that commits brutal murders on the slopes.
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  • Joseph Stefano, Writer:
  • Herb Wallerstein, Director:
  • Wilford Lloyd Baumes, Producer:
5 / 10

I was in it!!!

This was filmed partially in Crested Butte, Colorado for the ski slope shots, and 30 miles away in Gunnison, Colorado for fill shots. They shot the 'Winter Wonderland' High School dance sequence in the gym at the high school. This was a pretty big deal for all of the students. A real "Hollywood" movie! I remember Yvette being very petite and very quiet during her on-camera parts. One of the shots has Bo sitting in the middle of a bunch of students in the bleachers. Look close (and quick) and you'll see a geeky guy in glasses behind him. I remember wearing a bright shirt that day. We all had to sign the waivers and promise to be polite and quiet. The director would lay out what was going on in that particular shot and how we were supposed to act. They replaced the glass in one of the gym doors so the Beast could stick his arm through it. They seemed to be careful to not let us see the whole beast. Only parts of it. Bo was a large guy, as I remember. And nice. I was a freshman or sophomore at the time so this was being filmed in the 1976-77 time frame. My friends dad was principal at the time. I remember him being very stressed about all the diversions. Not education friendly I guess. But it was a neat learning experience in another way. And I get to say I was in a movie with Yvette and Bo. Thanks.

2 / 10

Corman-esquire cure for insomnia

Good looking actors like Mimieux and Svenson and pretty scenery can only do so much to save a poorly written story. Snow Beast is a typical 1970s monster horror film and plays out like an over-long ancestral episode of the X-Files without any of the subplots that made that show tolerable. Of course it's about a yeti terrorizing a ski resort. But since the yeti itself (also a pretty good looking creature) only appears in the film for about 2 minutes scattered over the entire 86 minutes of the film, the resort is mostly inhabited by bad actors. Frankly, only Mimieux gives a performance worthy of recording, though Svenson seemed to at least be enjoying himself.

Svenson and Mimieux's characters are married, though seemingly becoming estranged because of Svenson deepening depression. Bob Logan plays a good friend of the couple who appears to be interested in Mimieux for reasons that go beyond friendship. Svenson's problem is that he regrets having given up skiing after winning five gold medals and becoming a champion. This sets up a subplot which is used to justify about 30 minutes of Corman-esquire scenes of people skiing. Svenson is a pretty poor skier for an ex-champion. The hunt for the yeti, which really couldn't justify more skiing scenes, instead explains why most of the last 15 minutes of the film consists of the principle cast riding around on snow mobiles. And lest I forget, Clint Walker shows up, playing himself in a County Sheriff's uniform and leads the snow-mobile brigade.

Like many "shockers" of the 70s, Snow Beast avoids an adequate special effects budget and an R rating (it's a TV movie) by not allowing the audience to see the beast itself or really, any of the horror scenes. You only see the beast when the actors do. And when they see it, they die, while you are only likely to experience narcolepsy.

It took me four nights to get through this one. I have read through some of the more enthusiastic reviews, and all I can say about them is that I am glad that diversity thrives here on IMDb.

7 / 10

Jaws on the Slopes

For a low budget, made-for-TV movie from 1977, this one packs quite a wallop. Sure, we never really get to see the monster and there is an abundance of non-professional extras on hand, but the lead performances (Bo Svenson, Yvette Mimieux and Clint Walker) are just fine. There are two very strong qualities which take this film into the recommendable range. One is the excellent location photography. Sure, the Colorado mountains are gorgeous, but the stedicam work around the slopes really add to the tension. Second is the musical score. It is just excellent, so far about the norm for a TV movie of the era. I don't have the composer credit at hand, but it's my guess that there was a connection between him and Joseph Stefano, who wrote the film and was a veteran of Outer Limits, also noted for its engaging musical score. Anyway, between the music and the swooping camera work, this film is often genuinely creepy, almost from the first few minutes. And bless her sweet soul, isn't Yvette gorgeous? She sure grew from the Time Machine into a beautiful woman. Final word: it's hard not to notice the plot similarity between this feature and Jaws. Made two years after the Spielberg classic, we're still dealing with a monster on the loose and a town that doesn't want to admit it for fear of losing tourist dollars. Maybe Jaws on the Slopes would be a good subtitle here.

6 / 10

Snowbeast: Competent 70's b-movie

1977 is one of my lowest rated years so I went in expecting more of the same but immediatly found myself pleasantly surprised.

This 70's b-movie is set around a Colorado ski resort that comes under attack from a big yeti like creature. Nothing original, but it was done competently enough to be entertaining.

Two things set this apart from others, for one it's PG! So you don't see any deaths, no violence, nothing. That for one was a weird choice but didn't seem to damage the film.

Second you never actually see the monster in its entirety, in fact you barely see it at all. A shot of it's paws, a quick shot of it's face and that's literally it! You'd think this would kill a movie like this off immediatly but it actually works in the films favour. I've always said if you don't have the budget to pull something off then don't try, they didn't have the budget so were just selective as to how/where & when you see the monster. For that I tip my hat.

Nothing spectacular but certainly a decent enough big foot movie.

The Good:

Cast do a great job

Looks great

The Bad:

Cheating antagonists....again!

Fade to reds are stupid

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

A monster movie without a monster works better than you'd expect

7 / 10

If Love Cheap And Chessy...

If you love cheap and chessy movies, this little beauty is for you. I love these kinds of films, and this one has a fond spot in my heart. I remember it from 1977. Snuggled up on the soffa with my teenie girl squeeze. This was a cool night for a 14 year old dude. This film is fun with some pretty good moments. This beast did get hit with the ugly stick, big and bad. Maybe that's why it's so ticked off. I found this film as part of a triple feature DVD for under $10.00. And it's well worth the time to look back at a cheap and chessy 70's monster flick. I won't give anything away. I do recommend that you check it out. Plus it's kinda cool to see all the old tv actors from yesterday's gone by. Clint Walker and Bo Svenson are fun to watch. Take care and ENJOY!!