Skyfall (2012)

Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris, Judi Dench,
Bond's loyalty to M is tested when her past comes back to haunt her. When MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.
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  • Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, John Logan, Ian Fleming, Writer:
  • Sam Mendes, Director:
  • Barbara Broccoli, Producer:

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1 / 10

So so so bad. Critics need replacing

My 1st review! I was so disgusted with this film&annoyed critics praised it I cracked and had a rant. Numerous Plot holes, contrivances, poor storytelling, character logic&motivation; 1. The stolen agent list macguffin; Made famous in M:I then overused in films&TV shows; CharliesAngels2 etc - halfway through the film they just forgot about it 2. Hacking magic! Hacking can be done well; goldeneye,swordfish,diehard4...Not just an easy contrived plot device. Can we have a proper explanation &the rules&limitations of Silva's hacking ability in this fiction? For all I know Silva can make satellites fall on people. 3. The irony of the 'can Bond operate in an internet world' theme...he failed twice and got M he can't? 4. How out of place the above theme is; Bond is mature but always current. His a walking encyclopedia (watch the start of any Connery/Moore film). In the last 2 films he was using advanced mobile phone tracking systems...adding hacking does not suddenly make Bond take on the 'modern' age. Are economics or funding civilwars outdated? There was hacking&computers in 1995's Goldeneye..all of a sudden, NOW, there are no more shadows? Did MI6 stop evolving in the late eighties? 5.They have a meeting to discuss MI6? This was relevant in Batman, a vigilante was trying to inspire people- It was intertwined in the narrative&theme. Skyfall enquiry was just Sam Mendes ripping off Batman 6. Silva's planned capture; Another overused device that was coincidently in Batman. So what did Silva achieve? A conversation with M? When this is revealed shouldn't we look back and have everything make sense? But, NO, I was left wondering why they tried to kill Bond twice in China. 7. Why was a hacker in a cell controlled by a computer? Why is Q so stupid he plugged in the laptop to the building? Why was the trap door on the inside of the first glass door? why was there a trap door? How did Silva evade an armed MI6 guard 20 meters from his cell? 8. Super calculating (hack crazy)Silva's plan at the end was a firefight? With a backup plan of another firefight? 9. So they figured out Silva was dressed as a cop and no-one told anyone? The irony of M defending herself (reading a poem) knowing her own ex agent was about to shoot up the place was lost on critics&writers alike. 10. Could Bond not take a Sim free phone or'radio' &call backup when Silva arrived at the end? Instead they had their Home Alone moment- even Macaulay Culkin eventually called the police 11. Silva is supposed to mirror Bond. But compare Bond's 'betrayal' to Silva being handed over for torture... Some forced connection is made considering they never met before. Silva tells a story of 2rats so we know what we are supposed to think. 12. Bond's betrayal is M ordering Naomi to take a risky shot. Bond later tell's M he heard the order... why didn't he get out the way then? he just kept fighting like an idiot. &did Naomi only have 1 bullet? 13.You can't make Bond survive 2 gun shots and a fall like that. His already an established character. The Punisher&Bourne are special BECAUSE they survive. It can't happen to them again mid film/ mid franchise.. 14. Bond follows an assassin&lets him kill innocent people! How is this in his character?! The previous 2 films already rebooted Bond to show WHY he doesn't let innocents die. 15. Naomi is a forced character..appearing randomly to remind us she still exists so we can think it's 'clever' when she becomes Moneypenny. Money penny gets demoted from field agent to secretary?!! not even analyst. If she is that hopeless why is she on the most important mission ever? I think Sam Mendes hates women. 16. Bond doesn't even blink when the girl he just bedded a few hours ago gets shot in cold blood. He identifies Severine as being sex trafficked&abused- He then just jumps in her shower. I had little problem with Bond tricking a woman into bed in live and let die- but the sky-fall scene should land him in the S-offenders list. 17.They traced the shrapnel in Bond's chest to a 'special'bullet that only 3 people use? His a 'ghost'...but we have his full flight manifesto. This is how they advanced the plot? wait a minute....didn't that bad guy shoot up half of turkey..? A contrivance& a plot hole in one plot device, that takes some doing. 18. One minute he can't shoot...10 seconds later he shoots everyone in a 360 arc? so what happened? oh we are just abandoning that theme mid- se.. 19. Quite a few instances of Bond just standing in front of a landscape shot with his legs apart 'being deep'. I thought he was urinating at first. 20. Q is both a quartermaster&a programmer for the sake of the illogical theme.. but these are completely different skill sets...? 21. Knowing all this...what is the list doing in Turkey? on a laptop hardrive? why are only 2-3 agents on the case? They couldn't even do the liberty of making something up for the audience. Imagine Thunderball didn't show how SPECTRE got the nukes... Why couldn't Silva just hack the list? Oh because it isn't connected to the internet you say...but the MI6 heating system is? The script makes no sense, the themes are inappropriate, Bond's character&decision making has been altered &they have confused mature with dinosaur. Die another Day was almost a Bond parody, but this one is simply a mess,&a betrayal of Bond. Shame on critics too impatient to appreciate QoS for not spoon feeding them everything & praising sky-fall because of poorly scattered themes& metaphors on a plot that makes no sense, just because it makes them feel clever

5 / 10

So Disappointed

I should preface this by saying that I absolutely loved QoS (more than most)and Casino Royale. I'll start from the top. The Opening Credits: Visually the opening sequence was absolutely brilliant. Perhaps the best yet. However the Adele song choice was a poor one in my opinion. It's pap. Neither sexy (Goldeneye, Goldfinger) nor adrenaline pumping (Casino Royale, QoS). Sure the girl can sing... but so can Madonna. Friendly Fire: He gets shot with an assault rifle, falls 100+ feet and ends up at the bottom of a 50ft+ waterfall. Of course Bond doesn't need to be realistic but let's at least have a far-fetched explanation for his survival please. A small Turkish boy with a first aid kit who happened to be fishing at the bottom of the waterfall. Anything! Macau: Why no proper shots of Macau? Even just a decent panned intro. It's such a perfect setting for bond scenes. The Komodo Dragon Killing: No need for an Attenborough lecture. As convincing as fanged unicorns. The Bond Girl: A sex slave who very quickly gets shot. What a big letdown after Casino Royale and QoS. The London Feel The film had very real shots of an overcast and murky looking London and the whole film felt inherently British. Really nice. 'Silva': I'm all for a fruity bond villain but what an anti-climax. Great intro, cool teeth but otherwise fairly bland. Certainly no Ernst Blofield or 'Leshiffre'. Weak Plot: The biggest failing of this film was the plot. It went from a mission to recover a stolen hard-drive to a mission to protect an old dear (who could've easily been killed several times). As for the motive, fairly tenuous and uninteresting: Blondie signed up for the Mi6 many years back, M sent him on a mission, things go wrong on the mission, Blondie gets captured (we don't get shown any of this) and years later Blondie feels as though he wants to kill an older, moodier and fairly unendearing M. The House Siege: This was cool. Easily on par with scenes from Shooter and The Bourne Identity (tall order). The Chapel: Be honest. When Silva walks into the chapel were you thinking: 'Please don't shoot moody old M!' Or were you thinking: 'NOOOOOOO! Please don't shoot the cool old guy with a sawn-off shotgun who's been giving Bond some lip! He's the only new face that's been given a proper character!' As for the axe to the back - not exactly bond-like. Conclusion: Ingredients for an epic film. But an extremely weak plot and an undeveloped villain made it difficult to care about the final outcome.

4 / 10

Weak plot and boring!

There were so many problems with the film that I felt let down. I feel that Casino Royale was the best film to date; Skyfall was just a disappointment. The first 10 minutes or so were great, Bond's on a mission and there are some memorable scenes (digger coupling the trains), but there are major plot-holes. When Bond is fighting on top of the train for the hard- drive, Eve says that she has a shot. Bond can hear the whole conversation between Eve and M, so why doesn't he get out of the way (or at least co-operate to provide an easy shot)?! M mentions that the choice was either possible success (taking the shot) or guaranteed failure (leaving Bond to fight). You'd have more chance with a TOP MI6 AGENT than a risky shot. I must be missing something, because QOS shows Bond finishing his FIRST assignment, where Skyfall shows him to be old, out of shape, and at the end of his career; there's a MASSIVE gap between the two films. It's almost as if the last two films and the reboot have been ignored. The Aston Martin from Goldfinger, Q's mentioning of the exploding pen (Goldeneye), and the appearance of Q (In the previous two films, Bond has not met Q) seem to make it clear that CR and QOS have been forgotten, and so Skyfall was used purely for a "50 year special", looking back at the previous bonds. When Bond leaves a trail leading to his house, why on earth wouldn't he call back up to meet him there? If you have the Head of MI6 under protection, you would need some actual protection - the plot makes no sense! Why did Silva want to get captured? He just escapes! If he wanted to kill M, he could have done that with the explosion in her office (with a delay), so what purpose did his capture possess? None! Overall, I was disappointment with Skyfall; possibly the worst Bond film to date. I expect more from Bond, and I hope that the next film forgets Skyfall!

1 / 10

A Truly Awful Movie.

One of the worst films I have ever seen. Every single scene was flawed and had errors. From beginning to end the movie had mistake after mistake. Now most movies have one or two mistakes and you just over look it but when it happens in every scene of the movie, you can't just wave it to one side. For example, when Bond leaves the London underground and starts running to save M. Here we have TWO errors. Firstly, M does not do MP's committee meetings and secondly, why does Bond run half way across London to get to her? Why not stop one of the police officer's to either drive him or to give him the car? There are so many errors, like I already said in EVERY single scene of the movie. Few others that I still remember are such as the opening scene, why does Eve who just mistakenly shot Bond with an automatic rifle not then open fire on the bad guy? How did Bond even survive such a drop? How did he end up in the arms of a beautiful woman on a beach? How did Eve even miss shooting him jumping on the train earlier? Why did the bad guy who had an automatic pistol and had Bond pinned down behind a wooden market stall decide to jump on a motorbike rather than to kill him? Why did the police bikers even drive straight towards a man firing a weapon? How did Eve even turn up with a vehicle just as Bond left the building? So many errors and so many gaps and that's just the first 8 minutes! I can go on and on and on. EVERY scene had massive errors, Even the Aston Martin DB5 scene, how comes Bond has it? Why would he even run away with M and get her killed? Are the SAS on strike? How did Bond leave the casino in Macau after killing 3 bodyguards? Does a large casino only have 3 security guards? Why even would they fight? Surely they would have just shot him as soon as he enters the casino? Javier Bardem's baddie character was ridiculous and comical. It was totally unbelievable, even an 8 year old wouldn't believe the storyline. Poor acting and the camp/gay innuendos were painful to watch. I couldn't believe what I was watching. This was an appalling movie. It relied on Judi Dench to hold it all together. Sadly I am not able to give it a 0 so I will give it 1/10. No action in the movie what so ever after the opening scene. Two men hugging on top of a train has been done so many times. Pathetic movie and the only people who will enjoy this are the brain dead. Shame on critics who were saying this was the best Bond movie ever, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I used to like Daniel Craig as Bond but thanks to this movie I now dislike him too. Well done to Sam Mendes and Co, it takes a certain amount of talent or the lack of it to single handedly destroy Bond. The hero in this movie was the final credits, the real baddie in this movie was the man behind the camera.

1 / 10

Again: This NOT Bond, Mrs. Broccoli...

this time it's getting even worse than Quantum Of Solace. The story is lame and stupid, the nonsense plot is build around a melodramatic inside view of Bond's psyche. O.K., when Bond is no bigger than life daredevil anymore, it seems to be a logical consequence, to let the audience learn more about the "true" psyche of Bond. But this is completely crap in my eyes! An other complacent try by Mrs. Broccoli to revitalize the dusty genre of spy movies. But the audience was always smarter and realized, of course, that Bond never was realistic. The audience does not need to be educated in the direction of a more temporary 21st. century Bond by some filmmakers who do not want become suspects of doing the same thing all over again. Bond WAS always the same for 40 years till Albert Broccoli died and his very very untalented daughter took over the franchise automatically. This happens when you bequeath a business,there is no warranty that your children are going to handle it well. The real Bond is a classical archetype male and a chauvinistic, arrogant womanizer with a very dangerous job (secret agent), no woman can withstand although she knows what a heart breaker he is. This worked for 40 years and would have worked for another 40 years or so. The Bond we knew until Craig appeared might not be the type of man radical left-wing Eco-activist broads would like to welcome to their sit-in. Fact is, the real Bond is dead! This is a private version of Mrs. Broccoli's fantasy Bond 008, a guy who deeply comprehends women instead of bumping them before they can count to three (which might be a challenge for some real Bond girls...). Of course it's intended not to be "your dirty old father's" Bond. It's a Bond for the masses not for the classes, offering a bit of everything the average movie goer under 20 (Twilight-fans) might want to consume. Craig's Bond has become a sissy, who has a complex oedipal relationship to elder women, especially to those he calls "M". Now, in Skyfall, we will learn that "M" is for "mother"... There really was no need to change the Bond franchise so completely, except to squeeze out some dollars more out of the franchise. R.I.P. 007!