Sirius (2013)

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A documentary about the life of Dr. Stephen Greer and his claims of existing energy technologies that would change the world as we know it.
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10/10 / 10

This movie isn't for everyone. Few people are interested in examiningwhat is truth, or even questioning what qualifies as true. If you areuncomfortable with having your beliefs challenged, you won't enjoy thisfilm.

I think the people who hated this film probably weren't able tocomprehend its message, which is a shame. The complex information beingpresented could only be "dumbed down" so much. I read all the negativereviews, and kept asking myself if we were watching the same film.

If you're not actively processing what's being presented, you'll miss alot of significant information. My husband and I paused the movie oftento discuss things, or we'd rewind and watch again to make sure wedidn't miss something important. This isn't for a lazy viewer.

If you, like me, enjoy a good puzzle and some mystery, and if you'reable to suspend your disbelief long enough to follow an unfamiliartrain of logic to a new, unconsidered conclusion, you should find thisdocumentary to be thoroughly engaging and enjoyable.

Regardless of whether the claims are true or false, the point ofwatching this film is to learn the claims and decide for yourself whatyou think about them. Don't let other people foist their opinions onyou! Give the movie a go and you can decide what to believe and what toscoff at.

1 / 10

Feeling ripped off...

After waiting for months and getting somewhat caught up in the online hype surrounding this movie, I was most unhappy to find out it would cost $10 to watch the movie online, having been led to believe that as this was a crowd funded movie, it would be distributed free online. After all, that's what Dr. Greer has been saying all these years - he wants free and open disclosure for all. In fact, one of the 'tag lines' for Sirius was, 'made by the people, for the people'.

I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, and paid my ten bucks.

Well, to say I am disappointed is an understatement. All Sirius consists of is a lot of old UFO footage (all widely available on Youtube, and some proved to be hoaxed!) with Dr. Greer name-dropping and making some, to be perfectly honest, extraordinary claims, yet citing no reliable sources or providing any evidence at all.

The only sense I get from Sirius is that I have been seriously misled, in fact, downright lied to. Having now read up a little more about Dr. Steven Greer, it is painfully obvious this is nothing but a moneymaking scheme for those involved with the movie. There is no disclosure here :(

10 / 10

Far bigger than any "UFO" documentary that you've seen

I just caught this online and was very impressed with it. This film doesn't focus on blurry UFO footage or regurgitated testimonials from the 2001 disclosure project, it is in fact far bigger than that.

Rather than focus on telling people that UFO's are real, they pin point the aspects on why the topic gets buried, and why disclosure must be taken into the hands of the people. How they do this, and the facts and figures shown are top notch for such a buried, ridiculed and (for some) downright terrifying subject.

Blend the documentaries "IOUSA" and "Inside job" with Real UFO stuff and you'll be close in your expectations. However keep in mind their budget was minimal but on par with most documentaries of this kind.. (Greer gave up his $500,000/year emergency room surgeon job to do this stuff for peanuts, and has stated in interviews that they couldn't fit everything in that they wanted due to cost restrictions)

If you don't know who Dr. Steven Greer is I suggest you do some research before watching the film. Greer is no joke and by far one of the most credible and hard working people in the extraterrestrial realm and this film does his name the justice that I was expecting.


10 / 10

A Brilliant and Revolutionary Documentary (for those with the ears to hear...)

"This is down the rabbit hole, fast. But that is the situation, my friends, when you're dealing with secrecy that is criminal and illegal".

  • Steven Greer in 'Sirius'

It goes without saying that the entire spectrum of subjects dealt with in this documentary are extremely controversial. Subjects ranging from the reality of an advanced intelligence visiting Earth throughout history - having escalated their presence since the first detonations of atomic bombs and the subsequent proliferation of nuclear weapons worldwide since the 1940s - to the reality of covert military operations and top secret technologies that are created using an advanced physics that is currently not taught (or even known about or acknowledged) in the mainstream scientific/academic establishment.

This story, or compilation of stories, is as explosive as it gets. It is almost literally earth-shaking. Is it any wonder why many people, who have been taught in the mainstream scientific establishment, would be completely offended upon being suddenly confronted with this? The truth will set you free, but first it will p*** you off! Many sceptical people who are unfamiliar with this subject material will find it overwhelmingly challenging to their world-view. But their limited world-view is exactly what needs to change and is precisely what is wrong with the world as we have witnessed it in the past few decades. Western materialistic science does not have all of the answers - yet! But let's listen with an open mind to the many brave government and military witnesses and whistle-blowers assembled in 'Sirius' to broaden our scientific and technological horizons. We absolutely do have the solutions to the majority of our world's problems at our disposal, but it is an issue of geopolitical leadership and public awareness to deal with these very serious and profoundly urgent issues. It is entirely okay to be sceptical, but if it gets to the point of being irrational, then that scepticism only serves to cast further chaos and confusion on a topic that is already riddled with enigmas and disinformation.

Many groundbreaking scientific discoveries have occurred over the past century, and this new documentary 'Sirius' does a brilliant job at showcasing the scientists, their ideas and their technologies, and just how and why these discoveries have been suppressed by very powerful interest groups. From Nikola Tesla to T. Townsend Brown to Thomas Henry Moray to Stanley Meyer. It is well-documented that Tesla's funders cut him off after he proposed his radical idea of generating wireless electricity towers in the EARLY 1900s! His scientific discoveries have benefited all of mankind, he was not crazy and he had solid plans on how this "free energy" could work over a hundred years ago. The man died penniless and many of his private notes were taken shortly after his death. Similar stories, but much more dramatic, have continued on since that time, and include deliberate confiscation of these types of threatening technologies, including an automatic blacklisting at the patent office if any technology is classified as "over-unity" and in violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It has gone so far as to include several cases of mysterious deaths (obvious murders) of new energy scientists. If you don't think that the Military Industrial Complex and its ties to enormously wealthy corporations, including all of the major players in banking and Big Oil, have the power to squash anyone that might try to upset their nuclear applecart on steroids, then you are sadly misinformed and naive. But that is not to say that We the People cannot gather together and fight back - we can and we are!!

The entire Occupy Movement of recent times has brought to the world's attention the problem of "the 1%" owning and controlling all of the wealth and power in the world. As highlighted in this revolutionary documentary - and by numerous other reputable sources - Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase & CitiBank are the richest companies and groups of people who own and run the Federal Reserve, and who are also in control of the biggest oil corporations in the world: Exxon, Chevron, Shell & BP. Now if an alternative source of energy production could be generated out of a new physics, something beyond the Second Law of Thermodynamics, that could provide the world with a clean and cheap renewable source of energy to power our homes and cars and businesses, what do you think that would do to the geopolitical domination that the aforementioned banks and corporations have on the entire planet? And how far do you think "they" can and will and have gone to make sure they keep their power and control?

Operating in secrecy is unfortunately the most dangerous way to go about this task, and it is absolutely no joke when it is stated at the beginning of 'Sirius' that Dr. Steven Greer has a "Dead Man's Trigger" strategy in place, similar to Julian Assange and that of WikiLeaks. A cache of explosive and damaging information accumulated over the course of networking with military insiders that includes names and addresses and project names of the very people and companies involved with the clandestine and illegal operations we are talking about. Much of this information has already been released to the Congress and the general public in the form of transcribed and videotaped witness testimony that is available online. The documentary itself is based on Steven Greer's memoir 'Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge'. If people could fully comprehend what this man has achieved, he would win something far more profound than the Nobel Peace Prize!

On behalf of all of humanity, I thank Dr. Steven Greer, The Disclosure Project and Amardeep Kaleka for their immense efforts. 'Sirius' is a very serious and important achievement and I highly recommend watching it (with an open mind).

1 / 10

Awful and an insult to anyone objectively seeking the truth...

I am undecided about weather we have ever been visited by extraterrestrials. Without hard evidence I lean toward NO. However, I do not discount strange phenomena in the skies. There are reputable people who have attested to this and documentaries that are extremely convincing. Most ufo sightings are a hoax or have some other reasonable explanation. There are a few though that defy conventional wisdom. The nutjob says they are space aliens and then contrives a whole network of lies and half truths to support his delusions. The objective seeker continues his search for hard evidence.

This documentary has zero hard evidence. In fact, it is the worst UFO documentary I have yet to come across. In the very opening they use the most obvious fake UFO sighting in recent years to build up the documentaries proof. You will remember this as the jerusalem UFO sighting. It is an admitted hoax. There are far better documentaries on this subject. Almost none of them are objective. They all come at you from a believers point of view, but at least they are compelling and often convincing. Avoid this sloppy propaganda infomercial attempt. When are these idiot going to learn that you cannot get away with this in the information age. If you must watch then download it from a torrent site.