Shut In (\N)

When a young mother is barricaded inside a pantry by her violent ex-boyfriend, she must use ingenuity to protect her two small children from escalating danger while finding an escape.
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7 / 10

The apples are rotten,,,

Jessica is a recovering meth addict.

Jessica has two children. Lainey, who is about 4,, and a baby boy.

Jessica's Nana took care of the two kids while their mother was sick and in recovery at rehab,, but Nana recently died. So now Jessica is trying to care for her children by herself. Having no money, Jessica is trying to sell her Nana's house and move away to find work to support her children.

Jessica's ex-husband Rob, the father of her two kids, is still an addict. He resents Jessica for getting and staying clean.

The movie starts with Jessica trying diligently to pack up everything from her Nana's house, when she accidentally locks herself in the pantry. The house is in the middle of nowhere, with the closest neighbor miles away,, so Jessica is up the creek. She tries to get Lainey to unlock the pantry door, but to no avail. Then suddenly, Rob shows up (with a fellow junkie named Sammy). Laughing about his ex-wife's predicament, Rob gets her out of the pantry. Rob then inquiries about whether Jessica's Nana left her any money. Jessica asks Rob and his sleazy friend Sammy to leave. This angers Rob, and he decides to leave Jessica in the same place he found her. So, without a thought of his childrens safety, Rob throws Jessica back into the pantry and locks her in. He and Sammy steal her purse and car keys, and leave the house with Jessica trapped and the small children unattended. What will Jessica do to get out and protect her children?

This movie is not a big budget pucture,, but it's one of those that I want to see a LOT like it! Not fancy. Not pretty. Just real!! With conservative ideals and God given moralityat its core!! The character of Jessica goes through a kind of redemption story throughout this picture.

The actresses who played Jessica and the lil daughter Lainey brought tears to my eyes. They were so good together! Sammy was perfectly creepy, and Rob was a good, deranged addict.

Overall I'd give this a 7.2 rating! I look forward to seeing more from Daily Wire.

10 / 10

Better than hollyweird

This movie was absolutely amazing.

I just wish it was longer kind of.........I highly recommend.

Bleep bloop bleep bloop bleep bloop bleep bloop dippity dip diddly do.

6 / 10

A solid little thriller

I was actually very impressed with DJ Caruso's cinematography and how he was able to make great use of the very small location.

About 50-60% of this film takes place in a pantry, with the rest happening in the surrounding single house, yet it never feels like Caruso uses the same camera angle twice. The perspective is constantly shifting, and it makes this location feel bigger and this story feel more eventful than they are on paper.

So, I never felt bored. The script gives Jessica just enough to do and just enough to say so that we can really understand her as a character and get to know her goals and her thought process.

But the script also tries to give her a redemption arc, and these are unfortunately the parts that came across as really cheesy to me. Whenever the film focused on this, the dialogue was very forced.

The ending also leaves something to be desired. It goes from gritty thriller to corny fairytale ending and it was kind of laughable.

Still, I'm impressed that The Daily Wire made something apolitical and competently helmed. Props to them!

8 / 10

Alittle slow but wow

Ok! So, if your expecting a clean movie with no words and etc ; then you will disappoint. Thus movie had took me on a roller coaster. As a mom it keep me.on the edge.

There was violence, drug use and words. But it was a honest movie!

Somehow though through the gritt they managed to bring light from God in!! Wonderful move.

8 / 10

A solid movie with a great message.

This was a solid movie and had a great message.

I'll be honest, with the subject matter - it was tough to watch. I was anxious and on edge throughout the film - a mother locked in a pantry unable to protect her children from the predator on the other side of the door. Super stressful but had a very satisfying conclusion.

I will say that I'm not a huge fan of the movies where the majority of the action takes place "in one room" or "in a car" - those movies never really appeal to me and tend to feel like they quickly lose steam and drag on.

While I did feel, at times, that the pacing of this movie was less than ideal - the acting was superb across the board. Really surprised by the acting chops of Rainey Qualle and also pleasantly surprised that they got a really good child actress to who played the daughter in this film. With many kid actors you can tell they are exactly that... a kid that is acting... but here Lucianna VanDette is so comfortable and natural with her acting (and props to the director in this regard) that you really buy in - you aren't watching an act - you're watching a mother and daughter.

Good acting across the board.

I definitely recommend that you watch the movie if you have the chance.

Great work by the Daily Wire & I'm excited to see what they bring us in the future (Terror on the Prarie on June 9th in particular!)