Show Me the Father (2021)

Features captivating stories interwoven with inspirational truths about the fatherhood of God.
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10 / 10

This Documentary Spoke To Me.

Show Me To The Father is the 7th film from the Kendrick Brothers, and their first documentary. It is also their best movie yet. This movie makes me hope that they make more documentaries.

The documentary is focused on a handful of men, including Alex and Stephen- The Kendrick Brothers themselves, some football stars, and more, and their stories about how their Earthly fathers have pointed them to their Heavenly Father.

What makes SMTF so powerful is that they are true stories. Their previous stories have God working in unusual ways- such as making infertile women have quite a few kids. This movie is different, they are real testimonies of Christian men whose fathers raised them or led them to honor and follow Jesus.

From a filmmaking standpoint, this is easily the best made film by the Kendrick Brothers. Albeit bright at times, the cinematography is glorious, the camera placed well- simply put, it looked like a regular movie and not a low budget one.

However, SMTF works best emotionally. It did an amazing job pulling my heartstrings and even making me teary. One story is from Jim Daly, founder of Focus on the Family.

Jim came from an abusive home, and also had many foster families, none of whom actually adopted him. He tells the story of how he looked to his Heavenly Father for the love he seeked, rather than looking to man.

This is where the movie hit me personally. I am a child abuse survivor, which occurred from my stepfather, just 5 years after the death of my biological father. Jim's story doesn't exactly match mine (my abuse was more emotional than physical), but we had similar low points and we both had to look to faith for healing.

Football star Deland McCullough also tells his story- how he was adopted and never knew who his real father was, and how he looked to his childhood coach for fatherly guidance. This story (told in parts) has an amazing plot twist that could be ranked up with The 6th Sense or Fight Club- even the 3 women behind me gasped at the plot twist- and again, this is a real-life story!

Among the other stories, we hear from Alex and Stephen themselves, about how their father Larry has helped them grow, and how that has affected their fatherhood, filmmaking, and even their marriages. This includes yet another plot twist in the story of how Stephen adopted a girl from China.

With awful Christian movies like God's Not Dead, Unplanned, Loving The Bad Man, A Matter of Faith, and other poorly made movies being produced, it is wonderful to see a film like Show Me The Father released. It touched me and even made me tear up, and I don't even have kids yet. Even non-religious viewers could be moved by how these Christians have found hope through their faith.

Even if you are not a Christian, if you want a powerful, moving film, there are few that I could suggest more than this one. I owe my deepest gratitude to the Kendrick Brothers for this fantastic movie. This simple Christian movie has what the best movies of any genre does- HEART.

10 / 10

I laughed, I cried, I was shocked! Great heart-warming stories!

I thought that this movie was exactly what I needed to see today. It touches your heart no matter what your situation is. I am no critic, but the photography, music, acting, and interviews were top-notch. I was interested during the entire movie and left wanting to be told just one more story. Some of the stories had surprising endings. This is definitely the type of movie that America needs to see.

10 / 10

A much needed film!

Loved this film. A series of beautiful life stories, where lives were completely transformed by our Heavenly Father. No matter who or what your earthly father is/was, the Heavenly Father loves you more than you can imagine. Please have the courage to watch this film in its entirety. You won't regret it!

10 / 10

It's about time the real Superheroes in a movie were DADS!

You can see the latest sci-fi or action movie...and leave with an adrenaline rush. But when was the last time it had a lasting effect?? Everyone loves a great movie...especially a movie with a twist. Wow...all I can say is POW-WOW-ERFUL MOVIE!!! A must see. You will NOT regret seeing this movie. I promise you it's not some hokey sub-quality Jesus-flick. The message of what Fatherhood is at every stage in every way good and bad...absent or present. I will first say ALL MEN SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE. have kids, especially sons...this is a movie you need to see. Wives...give your husbands a night out with this movie. All couples should see this movie. Okay...everyone who has had a dad (all of us) need to see this movie. Saw this tonight with my wife Caroline and a bunch of friends...and wow...a bunch of us stayed in the theater room after to talk about it and pray for our families.

8 / 10

Amazing plot twist

The first half of the movie was boiler-plate Christian documentary, but then they told you the rest of the story. Impossible not to see God's hand in it. I was blown away. Certainly anyone that has had father issues; good, bad, or MIA... will get something worthwhile out of it.