Shoppers! (\N)

A group of toy store employees must protect each other from a horde of parasite infected shoppers.
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5 / 10

needed more punch with the alien goo

Greetings again from the darkness. The horror-comedy genre boasts many movies that can be described as 'a blast' or 'a wild ride'. Director Casey Tebo and writer Andy Greskoviak wisely jump on a topic that lends itself all too well to this genre: the whole mess we call Black Friday shopping. Ingeniously setting this in a toy store ("We Love Toys"), focusing on the stressed-out employees, and assembling what seems like the perfect cast, the filmmakers somehow come up short, due mostly to a paucity of effective one-liners and visual gags so necessary in a project like this.

Devon Sawa (FINAL DESTINATION, 2000) stars as Ken, the divorced father who is pained at having to drop his kids at his ex-wife's house as he heads in for his Black Friday shift at the store. We are then introduced to others on the store staff, including Ivana Baquero (Ofelia in the Guillermo del Toro instant classic PAN'S LABYRINTH, 2006) as Marnie, Ryan Lee (SUPER 8, 2011) as germophobe Chris, Michael Jai White (SPAWN, 1997) as Archie the maintenance guy, and Stephen Peck as Bryan, the power-abusing Assistant Manager. Leading this group of misfits is the always-great Bruce Campbell (the EVIL DEAD franchise) as Jonathan, the Store Manager and corporate lackey.

In an early scene we hear a TV newscast that forewarns of an upcoming meteor event, and the science fiction element involves a gooey alien creature/substance that causes even more turmoil than the shortages of this year's must-have toys. Shoppers are transformed into zombie-flesh-eating-alien-mutants, and the toy store staff teams up in an effort to stay alive. All of the actors do their part. Sawa is effective as the leader, while Baquero lends a strong female presence. White is the epitome of a nail-gun toting action hero, and Campbell delivers his comic force while donning a bow-tie and cardigan. The special effects work, and the only thing missing are searing and cutting quips and one-liners that would complete the picture.

ZOMBIELAND (2009), PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES (2016), THE DEAD DON'T DIE (2019), and READY OR NOT (2019) are all films in this genre that actually delivered what this one should have ... what it teased. One Air Supply joke and a riff on corporate greed and out-of-control entitled holiday shoppers was a tremendous idea that would have benefitted from more humorous social commentary. It's a letdown that may yet find a place the Midnight Movie slot.

Available in theaters and On Demand beginning November 19, 2021.

7 / 10

Lots of fun

I haven't watched the movie but it was 9 overallOut of 10 of courseIt was hilarious and the gore was there.

The acting was good as expected.

The reason I'm giving it a 9 is because I haven't actually watched it but it was a good movie.

10 / 10

A fun, campy ride

I had the opportunity to see BF in Austin and I loved it. This movie is a lot of fun and reminds me of the fun comedy/horror films I watched in the 70s and 80s. Anyone who ever worked retail will relate. The is a holiday must watch!

6 / 10

Enjoyable horror comedy...

When I saw the trailer for "Black Friday", I have to say that I was definitely looking forward to getting to see this movie. And now I just had the chance to watch it. And then how was it?

Well, it was watchable and enjoyable, for sure, but it was hardly a movie with the potential for becoming a holiday special. Nor was it a movie that had the cult makings of "Evil Dead", though there were some resemblances.

What initially drew me to watch "Black Friday" from writer Andy Greskoviak and director Casey Tebo was the fact that the movie had Bruce Campbell, Michael Jai White and Devon Sawa on the cast list. Plus it also seemed like a zombie movie of sorts. Well, sorts I suppose, as they were parasitic infected and not really reanimated dead.

The storyline in "Black Friday", as written by Andy Greskoviak, was a fun storyline. There were some nice moment throughout the course of the movie, I will say that. But as I stated earlier, this is not going to become a classic.

Now, I am not living in the USA, and while we in Denmark have implemented the Black Friday concept, I am sure that it is by no means up to the hectic and insane levels you see happen in USA. So on that account, I couldn't really get into the whole frantic shoppers feel of the movie.

Visually then "Black Friday" was good. The special effects were good and the make-up effects were good, and they definitely added flavor to the movie. So thumbs up to the special effects crew for their accomplishments here.

"Black Friday" does have a good cast list, and it was of course a blast to see Bruce Campbell in the role of Jonathan the store manager. Needless to say that Devon Sawa and Michael Jai White were also good. And I have to admit that it was fun to watch Michael Jai White in a movie such as "Black Friday".

Sure, I was entertained by "Black Friday", and I enjoyed the movie. However, I do doubt that this is a movie that I will return to watch for a second time.

My rating of "Black Friday" lands on a six out of ten stars.

6 / 10

glad people are getting fed up with this gay stuff

I love reading comment about why is there gay in this movie once more.

Maybe its time to stop pushing us this gay movement in the face everything we watch and turn around.

The movie is funny and worth a watch.