Shookum Hills (\N)

Will Patton, Jonathan Sadowski, Adan Canto, Alicia Sanz,
Shookum Hills is a movie starring Will Patton, Adan Canto, and Jonathan Sadowski. There is an abandoned place nestled deep in Appalachian country where underground coal mines have been ablaze for decades. When a team of researchers...
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  • Stefan Jaworski, Eric Scherbarth, Writer:
  • Bradley Parker, Director:
  • Alejandro De Leon, Diego Hallivis, Julio Hallivis, Producer:


4 / 10

your fooled to believe...

Something is down there in the ground, and with dishonest causes for being there where the ground smokes and the mud is warm, really rams this group of five.

but as in every 3rd monster movie the monster is barely visible, a blurry outline and a flysnappersflowers mouth piece is the only you can see.and apart from loads of groans and growels, and dissapearing mighty men that should have a CO detector instead of a CO2 detector. the guiding ''lola'' caracter seems like and sound like a toomb raider caracter, and the continous darkness keeps the secrets very well hidden till you cant figure out whats productionwise it has many glitches, and a very troublesome daylight logistic nightmare. the darkfilming is so bad, so what is in the dark stays secretly there in the dark forever.

so go out and find yourself an abandoned coal mine pit and make a copycat outta just have to be cruel and sinister and dumbfoundly curious in the acts, its really nothing more.

it started of with a 6, ended up with a weak 4 thinks the grumpy old man. its a shallow story, poor caracter development and the filming is a nightmare

1 / 10

Might have been

It might have been a good film but I will never know, it was filmed in stygian darkness, who was doing what to who and why will remain a mystery, as I could not make out what was going on, and why did they not call in the US Army to deal with whatever it was? filming great parts of films in darkness seems to be a trend lately, does it save money on sets? or Lighting? I don't know but it is tiresome.

8 / 10

Deep Rising meets Silent Hill

While the film certainly isn't Oscar worthy, it's still an entertaining film. Some pretty good practical creature effects and with a variety of designs makes the monsters seem pretty original in my book. I praise the scenery because they did an amazing job recreating the feel of Centralia here. A decent amount of shots have some style to them and keep it from being too monotonous. Wouldn't mind a sequel honestly. Acting was alright, though Will Payton did an amazing job as always so that's a plus.

Turn off your brain for an hour and a half and enjoy.

1 / 10

It really is as bad as they say...

1) No real plot2) No real character development3) Really dark and blurry4) Makes no sense.

So why didn't they just contact the government?

And if they went all out to protect this place, why no CCTV at the gate area to see intruders?

They put electricity on the hole covers, but didn't simply put up a warning sign telling people not to remove the covers?

These guys were some sort of miners? Don't they have a lot of explosives to blow up the whole cavern network and collapse it?

And what are these things anyways? Ant people? And if they couldn't get out, what do they eat? While we're at it, what do these miners eat? I don't see them growing any vegetables or raising livestock.

But perhaps most asinine is that the scientists knew there were something down there and after they climbed back up, they didn't bother to cover up the hole again and put the electricity back on? Even if they didn't, I mean it is pretty common sense to cover the hole and leave everything back to the way they found it.

4 / 10

Waste of time

The trailer wasn't bad but the movie sucked. If Will Patton wasn't in this film I never would of checked it out. There was really no explanation on what these monsters were. And they never show you a clear shot of what they look like. This movie was a total waste of time. 4 stars