Sharkula (2022)

Kyle Rappaport, Jeff Kirkendall, Jamie Morgan, Titus Himmelberger, Yolie Canales, James Kelly, Natalie Hallead,
The curse of Count Dracula lives on in shark infested waters, claiming the lives of a tourist community. A sea hunt for the new species results in monsters, madness and bloodshed. This great white is putting the bite back into ter...
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  • Mark Polonia, Director:
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1 / 10

Yikes! The Worst!

I'm always up for a cheap shark movie but wow! This is the worst excuse for a movie ever...I'm in shock.

It's sort of unreal how they've patched together random images and locations and called it a film.

10 / 10


There's a place with little known purpose about 53 miles inside las vegas. That's what professor dave lister keeps lecturing about. Dave strides an auditorium, (that could fit 600 students) he says: "i ounce visited a place and at a certain point everything went blank." Dave quickly remembered waking up in front of the ocean being cradeled by an eyeless robot though. Dave continues lecturing: "yep, i remember i'd steyed for years until the place went out of business, all i'd do was glance at whatever world was around me while a robot fed me using its wrist." At the end of Daves lecture he held onto a rope that lifted him into a dark warm sphere.

1 / 10

This sucked

And not in a good, Dracula way. More in a Hunt's Point hooker at 3 AM way. I like a good, or even a bad shark movie. This was neither. The people who made this pos should be ashamed.

1 / 10

Absolutely Terrible

You know who these people are that give these films a 10/10 rating? I kept cringing from the moment the film began. How on earth can you call these production films? There are so many talented film makers out there who are struggling to get money, to produce quality films and out comes this garbage! The story line / plot was not thought about, the actors not believable - in fact they were terrible and embarrassing and the special effects? Laughable. The whole film is laughable and if someone calls this a a great film (a masterpiece in the making), they have no idea what film making is all about.

1 / 10


Was this recorded on an iPhone 6?

Quite possibly one of the worst films I've seen, its right up there alongside Dinosaur Hotel and i didn't think that could be beaten.