Sexology (2016)

Sexology is a movie starring Gabrielle Anwar, Catherine Oxenberg, and Devi Ward. Two famous actresses embark on a taboo-breaking quest to discover the secrets of the female orgasm.
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9 / 10

Comprehensive and Engaging

Gabrielle Anwar's openness about her experiences was one of the best assets of the documentary. It's rare for a woman to reveal so much personal information into their thoughts with anyone other than their intimate partner. This insight helps women and men to understand and/or relate to their own relationships.

There was an almost too eclectic array of experts involved but I think they succeeded at least in not letting them contradict or distract from the lessons learned from them. It's a bit surprising to me that people don't understand that for women, the sexual experience is primarily something that occurs inside their own minds/hearts and that they have ultimate control of it.

10 / 10

Thank you for everything in this film

I love Sexology. I love the authentic voices of real teachers and practitioners sharing how it looks to reveal and break through the veil of uneducated myth that rules the media and the culture we have been living in. It is a great honor to pioneer along with Catherine to meet more of the needs of women. Gabrielle shows us how real are the wounds and frustrations so many women live with. We are still in the beginning of understanding the vast world of female sexuality, as it cannot be measured in the Laboratory! But only in the depth of emotional/physical reality moment by moment, breath by breath. Thank you to these great women who care to bare their beauty along with their hopes and dreams.

10 / 10

Brilliantly presented

Catherine and Gabrielle bring depth, vulnerability, and intelligence to the long-repressed subject of feminine sexuality. They interview true experts in the field and subject themselves to the process they are investigating. The editing is brilliant and I so appreciate feminine sexuality and sexual healing modalities being presented so beautifully, tastefully, and with so much heart.

10 / 10


This was brilliant and totally delves into everything that's wrong with the shame-fueled sexually repressive culture we all know. It's filled with therapies for the soul to unlock the spirit, free the mind and clear the path to incredible orgasms. I really enjoyed every minute of this documentary and hope it helps other women like myself free themselves from the cultural conditioning which encages us.

10 / 10


So I stumbled upon this by accident in my search through the independent documentaries out for the year, it was pretty hard to find actually as virtually no one had any information about it. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is a very straight forward and open documentary about sexuality.

Unlike most documentaries that try to disprove things this one goes in a completely opposite direction and states right from the beginning that a great deal of people don't know as much as they think they do about sexuality, including the makers of this documentary before they started it. And then they go through experts from all parts of the world and they explain in depth why things are in the state that they are and exactly what we can and should be doing to change them.

10/10 a refreshing change of pace.