Section 8 (2022)

Mickey Rourke, Dermot Mulroney, Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren,
After avenging the murder of his family, a former soldier is sprung from prison and recruited by a shadowy government agency.
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  • Chad Law, Josh Ridgway, Writer:
  • Christian Sesma, Director:
  • Brandon Burrows, Producer:


5 / 10

A waste of some iconic acting talents.

The directing was amateur hour with the abysmal slow-mo and faded flashbacks - and terrible cast direction. Most of the second-rate characters felt like it was their first acting gig, and I know they're better than that, so this is the perfect example of the director failing to direct his cast properly. Although Ryan Kwanten acted his heart out, he was poorly showcased from the directing to the writing, that was riddled with cheesy dialogue. The screenplay, even with the few entertaining twists and action scenes, was too generic and cliched, and lacked suspense, intrigue and thrills. I wanted to see more of Mickey Rourke, and I'm not even sure if Scott Adkins' character was needed, but he surely needed to be in this film much more to enhance the action. I feel he should've been cast for Kwanten's character, the entire backstory and current one would've been more believable and suspenseful had there been more fight scenes. There were far too many plot and technical issues, most fifth-grade drama class errors. Eg: the briefcase with maybe 5-6 rough stacks having 3 million in it was a joke. Never mind Lundgren's full-auto handgun with the endless ammo. If you're a fan of the iconic actors, it's an ok one-time watch if you're bored, just don't expect to see that much of most of them, or any decent non-generic story.

3 / 10

Make an action movie OR make a family movie. Do not try to combine both because it will end in a disaster.

Beware: NOT a Mickey Rourke movie. NOT a Dolph Lundgren movie. NOT a Scott Adkins movie. Why not? Because they only have a few minutes of screentime.

Scott Adkins and Dolph Lundgren produced this movie, with (unfortunately) disastrous results.

I really love a good old fashioned action B-movie and I really like these old, tough action movie stars like Mickey Rourke and Scott Adkins.

But this movie is partly a sentimental movie about family bonds, partly an action movie. And it fails at being both.

If they only had stuck to a 100% action movie and IF they had replaced the leading (unknown) actor with one of the other great actors (Mickey Rourke, Scott Adkins) then this movie would have some merit for the B-movie action fan. Now it turned into a terrible, sentimental dreck of failure.

Mickey Rourke and Scott Adkins deserve to star in better movies than this one. Come on guys, you all rock. Now get together again and give us fans something we can really enjoy!

8 / 10

SECTION 8 Movie Review

Section 8 delivers great action and intense beats throughout its runtime. Characters gel well together, BTS crew have done an exceptional job in delivering what the fan base want as well as catering to the majority of cinema goers. Its nice to see the movie have its release theatrically for those who want to attend the theatre and its great for those who just wanna stay in bed and be comfortable. Overall a great action pictures with elements of all your favourite movies wrapped into one. Definitely worth a watch in my opinion. Grab a beer (or glass of wine) and enjoy this thrill ride of a movie.

7 / 10

Not that bad, an R rated, low tier action B+ movie

The main character is fairly good, probably the best part of the film.

The action parts are lacking, but the amount of killing makes up for it :) a few good scenes with Scott Adkins, he always brings his A game. I think people expect too much, but a movie with those actors really can't be great, there are too many flashback scenes, even though they're short it's really getting annoying seeing the same flashbacks over & over, we got it, the guy had a family & it the base for the entire premise, but give us a break already.

Mostly I enjoyed it, laughed at it a few times. Why low scores which this movie don't deserve? I give it a 6.5.

5 / 10

Better than you'd think based on who is in the cast

There is the basis of a decent film here, yes it has all been done before but the opening half hour or so is all pretty engaging (although you do feel they just let Mickey Rourke do and say whatever he wanted).

Then it started to get a bit silly, and then very, very silly. To the point it is barely making sense and they are having to have characters have one sided conversations on telephones to gloss over plot confusion - It just lost all credibility for the sake of slightly better writing.

That said it is clearly made on a budget and it goes well to hide some of this, clearly the whole film is shot in L. A. but watching it does a good job of making out that its characters travel around the US and beyond. The action scenes are fine too, sometimes a bit confused to follow but this actually gives it a bit more authenticity, I felt.

The cast are pretty good overall though two or three are so one dimensional, due to the writing, that they don't come off so well. Its a shame the last half hour or so wasn't as well made as the first and that it feels it needs to have plot twist after plot twist.

Ultimately its better and has a lot more to offer than you might expect, even if it is a bit disappointing overall.