Secrets in the Woods (2020)

Brittany Underwood, Taylor Frey, Jim Klock, Kabby Borders,
Off the Grid is a TV movie starring Brittany Underwood, Taylor Frey, and Jim Klock. A woman discovers a horrifying secret about her boyfriend's father during a romantic getaway in the woods.
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  • Michael Shear, Writer:
  • Sara Lohman, Director:
  • Autumn Federici, Jake Helgren, Producer:

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5 / 10

Mountain man romantic getaway gone wrong!!!

Sandra meets country boy Brant who takes her for a weekend getaway to his family's cabin. Trouble is he brought her up there with ulterior motives in mind and holds her captive. How will she escape? This is one bizarre Lifetime movie with many plot holes where you do writers think up weird scripts like this let alone find actors to sign on? Skip it.

6 / 10

Most of the movie made you shake your head

There were some riveting scenes which is why I watched it all the way through. The ending left me with many questions. I couldn't believe many of the actions the mc did.