Secret Space UFOs: Rise of the TR3B (2021)

The legendary TR3B is said to be the very first Alien Reproduction Vehicle that the military built secretly for space travel.
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1 / 10

Starting to think this is all a money scheme

The more I get into watching these UFO/alien documentaries, the more I start to think they are a bunch of liars. The same people are always on these docs, and the never provide any strong evidence at all. They make wild unfounded claims over and over. "Stay tuned next week to find out if we actually have evidence for any of this". Majority of these ufologists are cons, just trying to make an extra buck. Don't waste your time with this ridiculous documentary.

2 / 10

Run. And keep your $

Three words. Tyler. Glockner. Fraud.

Can't believe this hack is still getting views let alone getting people to actually believe him.

Nothing new, all conjecture, "animations" and of course bad photos.

As unbelievable and patently planted as Luis Elizondo "testimony".

1 / 10

Not worth paying to watch

Just stick with the CGI videos on Tyler Glockners YouTube than spend money on this rehash of known information. Would see more value if they don't use actual frauds in the documentaries. Especially if you are trying to come across as authentic.

2 / 10

This was really boring

I've seen two black triangles. With 3 other people. Both were seen at the same time. Flew over us very low. Then stayed hovering in the distance for several mins so we had time to really see the details. I thought this was going to have some kind of info that would be interesting. Maybe even explain it with some actual science. What I saw is not what they show over and over. Maybe I saw an older model in 1997? I don't know. I still wonder what I saw and still look for info. This show didn't have any info that was worth paying to even rent it. I can see these videos/clips for free on YouTube. Disappointed should have known. Wasted 5 bucks and a hour of my time. I mean this Tyler dude couldn't even be bothered to film himself on a set or outside even. He's in his bedroom. Really dude. Was it during covid lockdown?! Wanted more out of this.

1 / 10

Same desperate nonsense, different viddy.

You can get all the CGI woo woo, and potato cam videos of satellites after dusk reflecting sunlight off their solar panels and disappearing as they fall into Earth's shadow, plus blurry camera bokeh filmed with triangle aperture so oooo spooky triangle lights ... on youtubes for free.

All these people want you to buy their books, videos, or other swag at UFO conventions, and the willingness of easily duped masses to part with cash for stories about flying saucers is well documented.