Scattering CJ (2017)

A grieving mother decides to open her life and her heart to the public in asking for help scattering the ashes of her son, who committed suicide at the age of 20, in locations around the world.
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10 / 10

Mother to Mother

Being a fellow mother of a son who died by suicide I felt the loss that this mother felt. All of us have our own experience and story with our loss and I feel honored to see the Twomey family has shared with the world about their sons story. It is moving to see strangers take CJ on their journies. I hope this continues to show the struggle of the life that was lost so that others seek the help they need. #suicidehurts

10 / 10


Such a powerful documentary on one family's beautiful final tribute to their son. Mental illness and suicide has been taboo for way too long in this country. My heart goes out to Hailey and her family. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

10 / 10

Life Changing Film

It is rare that I see a film that I would call perfect. In this case, I felt this film was not only perfectly done, but it was life changing. Life changing for me as a viewer, as well as for some the people within the film. There is no doubt, it is a difficult film, but so is mental health awareness. When I sat down to watch, I was in tears within seconds and wondered how I would be able to get through the entire film. That is what makes it so perfect. The director takes you on a journey. It is not just one thing or one feeling. So many emotions are shared as you travel with CJ. I highly recommend this film. See it now and then watch it again in a year or two, just to remind yourself of how lucky we are, how precious life is, and of course to honor CJ and his family.

Thank you Twomey family, Andrea Kalin and Spark Media for this film.

10 / 10

Truly Amazing Film!

This heartfelt and heartbreaking documentary explores the journey of CJ and the impact he had had on the world. I was in awe when I heard and saw all the videos of everywhere he's been-and at the same time, so devastated to see the grieving, broken hearts in the aftermath of CJ's suicide. A gripping and realistic view of how one quick emotional decision can change the lives of everyone who loves you.

Hallie, John and Connor-thank you so much for sharing CJ's amazing journey with us. I have the "Scattering CJ" t-shirt and bracelet hung up in my office-I also share his story when I train for other mental health professionals. His legacy will live on forever.

10 / 10

One of the Most Important Films EVER

This film is one of the most important films EVER. It shines a light on an issue that has touched so many people. Suicide is often swept under the rug and those left behind suffer in silence. This film takes a raw, honest look at a family struggling to deal with their son's suicide. It shows what good can come from sharing your journey, no matter how painful. The compassion of the community that came together to give CJ one last journey is inspiring and uplifting and helped save lives. The Twomey family is incredibly strong and the filmmakers succeed in telling a difficult tale in a way that truly can make a difference in someone's life. This is a must see film!