Scarlett (2020)

Melanie Stone, Brian Krause, Musa Aden, Isaac Akers,
A college student must draw upon all the skills her spy-father taught her to protect herself and save her father from weapons dealers.
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  • Brittany Wiscombe, Writer:
  • John Lyde, Director:
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4 / 10

Started well. Ended badly.

The premise was similar to "Hanna," "Nikita" and the like. It started well, but the ending got dumbed down. The heroine had multiple opportunities to "take the shot," but clearly should never have been trained to use a gun as, in her hands, it was no better than a club. Even her assassin/spy father failed to put down the two hench-people when given the chance, even after killing everyone in sight on his previous missions. I kept "shouting "Shoot somebody, damn it!" several plot points were telegraphed early, so there were no surprises or plot twists. Overall, rather predictable.

4 / 10

Beat me up and then beat me up some more

This is not art, this is not cinema, this is a way to pass some time. Bad guys beat the crap out of the good guys but guess who wins in the end. Scarlett as a college student takes a real stretch of the imagination. She looks like she enrolled in college after the birth of her forth child but oh she can kick.

The good news: it's available for free.

9 / 10

Entertaining. Worth a watch

Well crafted script, believable premise. Good acting, good pacing. I could watch a sequel.

6 / 10

Pretty good

A little predictable. Lags a little with all the reminiscing.

Disappointed with the casting of Scarlett. This actress is too old to be a college student.

7 / 10

Great action, worth the watch

The plot is familiar, but the action is fresh and the protagonist is extremely competent. This is a fast paced action movie with lots of hand to hand combat and shooting' tootin'