San lang zhi yi zu (1989)

Andy Lau, Stanley Sui-Fan Fung, James Wong, Jing Wong, Man Cheung, Lawrence Cheng, Chingmy Yau, Fui-On Shing, Vivian Chow,
San lang zhi yi zu is a movie starring Andy Lau, Stanley Sui-Fan Fung, and James Wong. Chow Si-Pak, Dried Pork, Lo Ka-Ying and Yo are cousins who are unemployed. Later, they get jobs at Ken Lau's car garage. Lau's rival, Bluffer...
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4 / 10

No more romancing charm.

The Romancing Star 3 stars Stanley Fung, Andy Lau and Jing Wong, all who appeared in the previous sequel, which was charming and funny. The story here is about Stanley Fung and James Wong's characters, who have been rivals since birth. Now they own competing business and will do whatever it takes to triumph over the other. Throw in some beautiful women neighbors, and you'll get one, supposedly, wild comedy.

While I haven't seen this movie in ages, I remembered that it is not a Hong Kong comedy I would recommend. The previous movie was entertaining, laughable, and charming; this film was boring ridiculously silly. The plot did have potential, but the script and momentum went all over the place. The humor was just a bunch of slapstick nonsense.

The movie had a large cast if characters that was nice to watch, but other than that, I would stick with the first two movies rather than this one.

Grade D-

9 / 10

A Wong Jing Production: The Romancing Star 3.

The Romancing Star 3 (1989) was another romantic comedy from producer, writer and star Wong Jing. The story is about two men (Stanely Fung and James Wong) who have been rivals since birth. Now they own competing business and do whatever it takes to try and one up each other. Stanley's looking for cheap help so he can stay in business. He has luck, four desperate cousins are looking for employment. They hesitate at first until they see four hot women living next door. Will the two rivals ever settle their differences? Is it fate that four bachelors live next door to four unhitched women? Does Wong Jing throw in everything including the kitchen sink in this "romantic" comedy? You'll have to find out for yourself when you watch the hilarious comedy THE ROMANCING STAR 3!.

The film stars Stanley Fung, James Wong, Wong Jing, Shing Fui-On, Chingmy Yau, Cheung Man and Andy Lau. Wild stuff that'll keep you laughing all the way. Watch out for the bizarre references to BATMAN, SUPERMAN and Dracula amongst other films.

Highly recommended.