Rosita (2015)

Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Mercedes Cabral, Jens Albinus, Julie Agnete Vang,
JOHANNES lives together with his father, the middle-aged widower ULRIK in a small fishing town in the northern part of Denmark. They live a quiet routine life, each minding their separate jobs in the fishing industry. Ulrik misses...
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  • Kim Fupz Aakeson, Bergljot Bleken, Writer:
  • Frederikke Aspöck, Director:
  • Thomas Heinesen, Leila Vestgaard, Producer:

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9 / 10

Beautiful and real

I really enjoyed this despite the troubling subject matter. I think it's realistic that (many) males express their emotions as anger. Pain meets loss meets loneliness, desperate struggle

6 / 10

Rather enjoyable romantic drama...

I had not heard about the 2015 romantic drama "Rosita" prior to sitting down here in 2022 to watch it. So I wasn't sure what to expect here from director Frederikke Asp?ck. But it being a movie that I hadn't already seen, and also given its storyline, then "Rosita" was definitely a movie that I had to watch.

Writers Kim Fupz Aakeson and Bergljot Bleken put together a very realistic and enjoyable storyline for "Rosita", and it is a movie that quickly sweeps up the audience and bring you on a semi-dramatic romantic tale. It was nicely written and brought to life on the screen, and the storyline definitely appealed to me and provided me with entertainment.

While the storyline here of course is somewhat exaggerated and stereotypical, then there are elements of truth to the situation that Rosita and also Johannes found themselves in, and that is what makes the movie all the more realistic and relatable.

The acting performances in "Rosita" were good. I wasn't familiar with the cast ensemble here, but they performed quite well. And while I am Danish and living in Denmark, I actually don't watch Danish movies often, hence these performers were all unfamiliar talents to me. But they performed nicely and brought the characters to life on the screen in a fulfilling manner.

I was definitely entertained by "Rosita", and it is a movie that is well worth watching.

My rating of "Rosita" lands on a six out of ten stars.