Rom Boys (2018)

Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad is a movie starring Tim Altic, Iain Borden, and John Buultjens. When a tragedy strikes the worlds most unique skate park, a dogged group of old school skaters, BMXers and street artists team up to fight for...
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10 / 10

Concrete never had so much personality

Absolutely brilliant film about the most unique skatepark in the world. Having been someone who skated Rom in the 80's, 90's and again in the last few years this film stirred so many memories and reminded me just how much it has shaped my love of skateboarding. Beautifully filmed and edited, you don't need to be a local, you don't need to be a skater, or BMXer, to appreciate this and really understand that this place s more than just an expanse of worn concrete, its a community, a refuge, a place to escape and so important to the scene it supports.

10 / 10

Rom boys a triumph of a film

I was one of the lucky people who had the privilege of seeing the Rom boys film Premier at the The iconic Rom skatepark and was truly blown away. A true masterpiece from matt Harris. I also bought a online version to keep as a keepsake

10 / 10


Superb well crafted 4k telling the story of the one and only rom skatepark,steeped in subculture an urban myth to some ,,home to others ,,welcome to rom town Romford own little bit of California ,,sit back and let the rom boys take you on a journey into one of the worlds most unique heritage sites that still in operation to this day-skated it myself this morning --

10 / 10

"Going In" once more!

This film evoked so many memories of my early teens. Countless days spent travelling by train, packed into the guard's van alongside our bikes, with dozens of like-minded riders to the hallowed ROM Skatepark. The anticipation building as you rode up the hill until you caught a glimpse of it and seeing the queue snaking for what seemed like miles as the worry that you weren't going to get in crept into your head.

Luckily I was never turned away and shuffling through to pay John Snr the entrance fee (always buying at least one rub-on sticker) felt like a ticket to nirvana.

Going through the door and out into the park felt like coming home to where I could be part of a very special sub culture that non riders could never understand.

ROM is unique.

This film captures those feelings through the interviews with so many diverse characters and individuals that are featured. Many of them my peers (Billy Stupple was a legend).

Most of them are in their fifties but still have that glint in their eyes that never leaves you. ROM shaped so many of us and played a big part in who we are today.

It is wonderfully shot and produced and actually pulled me in so deep that I almost felt compelled to shout "going in" from the comfort of my sofa!

Culturally significant but more importantly absolutely genuine.

10 / 10

One to watch

Wow great true story documenting 40 years of Rad where myself and lots of other people spent many a happy time. Rom skatepark will draw you in and remind you of your childhood and make you want to go back. Worth a watch even if your not into skateboarding or bmx. 5 stars