Robin Robin (2021)

Adeel Akhtar, Gillian Anderson, Bronte Carmichael, Richard E. Grant,
In this stop-motion short film, a bird raised by mice begins to question where she belongs and sets off on a daring journey of self-discovery.
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  • Daniel Ojari, Michael Please, Director:
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8 / 10

A charming short from Aardman

Robin (Bronte Carmichael), a robin, as an egg falls out of her nest and is adopted by a family of mice. Despite receiving the wisdoms of her Dad (Adeel Akhtar) Robin consistently bungles the family's "sneaks" for food much to the chagrin of her siblings. After inadvertently alerting the "who-mans" during their most recent sneak Robin sets out to try and sneak some crumbs to her family with the help of a materialistic magpie (Richard E. Grant) who tells Robin of the Who-mans place atop trees in their homes that supposedly grants you any of your wishes, however the two must contend with a territorial and hungry cat (Gillian Anderson).

Robin Robin is the latest production from UK based stop-motion animation house, Aardman animations best known for their work on the Wallace and Gromit films, as well as Chicken Run, The Pirates: Band of Misfits (UK: The Pirates in an Adventure with a Scientist), and Early Man. Created and directed by Dan Ojari and Mikey Please, this is the first major project for either director (barring a couple of prior shorts on their filmography) and for their first major outing both Ojari and Please bring that same level of care, quality, and craft we've come to expect from Aardman even if admittedly it's a very familiar take whose story origins will seem more than a little reminiscent of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The movie's animation is absolutely top notch with every scene from the opening onward lovingly crafted with simple but expressive creatures brought to life with Aardman's trademark style giving a real sense of tangibility to the proceedings with even the most minor of interactions. The opening sequence where we see Robin's egg roll out of her nest and through the woods seamlessly goes through an interconnected series of sets that are all beautifully crafted with only the occasional "editing trick" to give the illusion of flow. The animation is well synchronized with some charming song sequences with the mouse "sneaking" song being both charming as well as humorous with Robin's constant bungling Gillian Anderson's song as the Cat is playfully wicked as she sings mocking taunts to Robin while also insinuating her intentions to eat her.

The movie's characters are filled with charm and personality thanks to the design work in conjunction with pitch perfect casting. Bronte Carmichael's turn as Robin carries both enthusiastic tenacity as well as good natured naivety that endures the audience to a protagonist like this, and Adeel Akhtar as the mouse Dad is wonderful in supportive and caring attitude towards Robin and shows just how much he wants Robin to succeed at being a mouse. Richard E. Grant is quite funny as Magpie with his song about "things" and the value he places upon them being an amusing and humorous character quirk, and last and certainly not least is Gillian Anderson as the cat who is absolutely fantastic is our main villain effortlessly bringing to life some subtle but macabre charms to the character.

Robin Robin's story of an "odd duck" (no pun intended) protagonist not fitting in is definitely well trodden ground seen in the likes of stories like Dumbo and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but the movie manages to overcome the familiarity of its story thanks to its attention to the little details and some really solid work by the voice cast.

Robin Robin is a pleasant Holiday themed short with Aardman's typically beautiful animation and charm and personality to spare. While the plot covers well-trodden ground, it's such an effortlessly immersive and pleasant viewing that I can only imagining people saying they like it.

10 / 10

Wonderfully made!

Just a perfect story at a perfect length with wonderful characters to watch sing and sneak! I loved it. Robin's singing voice is so cute. Just wonderful!

10 / 10

Absolutely fabulous. The big kid in me loves it!

Just watched it 5 minutes ago. Overwhelmed!

Exquisite, heart-rending - I can't praise it enough. Yes, it is about birds, mice and cats - but also, in the most human way, how these (felt) creature navigate a world of desire, threat and identity.

Aardman have done a fantastic job. It takes me back to the wonder of childhood. And it will become a Xmas classic - just like the Snowman.

Well, what about it at the technical level is so good? Simple answer: The stop motion animation, lighting, script, puppet design, performances, music, songs, etc etc are all just stunningly accomplished.

I enjoyed every second and wished it was longer. (My only criticism is that it is too short.)

I hope there is a follow up next year.

Chapeau! Congrats! Well done!

9 / 10

Yet Another Charming Aardman Animated Film

Yes technically this is a half an hour short animated movie, but it was worth spending my 30 minutes watching this charming and adorable film. Everything about it from the pacing, characters, beautiful animation style is just what you expect from a great studio trying to experiment something new, and it all paid off. If you got 30 mins to spare, watch this masterpiece on Netflix!!