REV (2020)

Francesco Filice, Vivica A. Fox, Hannah Gordon, Sean Rey,
Rev is a movie starring Sam Asante, Sebastian Deery, and Francisca Dennis. A young thief with a history of grand theft auto becomes an informant and helps police bring down a criminal enterprise involved in the smuggling of hundreds...
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5 / 10

So you wanna know if it's just a Fast and Furious knock-off?

A young man quits his job in computer repairs to steal cars for money and finds himself stealing the wrong car. Once caught he is given a choice to go to jail for life or become an undercover agent and infiltrate a group that are stealing luxury sports vehicles for export. The young man finds himself not only deep under cover, but finds himself in deeper water as drugs, blackmail, love triangles and his own life halt his way out.

So... is it F&F? As far as an undercover cop infultrating a gang of car thieves goes, it's simmilar, but it's not really about the cars or a heist, it's a different tone where the main guy just gets in too deep and its a bit of a thrill ride as to will he get out of this alive?

So no, it's not a F&F wanna-be. The movie dies have a few annoying filler scenes as terrible rap music plays and goes into a bad montage of drifts or speeding around the city. Scenes that fail to add any excitment ti the film and could've been done away all together with for a better pace.

With that said, it's good for one watch, but not really anything you would wanna see again. Watch it only if it sounds like something you might be interested in. But it's no 'must see' flick.

10 / 10


Entertaining. Great acting. Action-packed. Lots of bright futures in this cast!

7 / 10

well ...

The movie is not that great ... the story is good ... i've felt like watching Gone in 60 seconds ... Charlie looks like Jonny Deep :D !

2 / 10

About what one would expect

This film is a succession of loosely connected scenes .

Each scene is an unimaginative copy of what you have seen before in movies of that genre , but on a tiny budget, with awful acting, and a lack of skill that makes George Lucas look like a genius .

One extra star because it could have been even worse .

4 / 10


Poorly constructed mishmash of other movies. Nothing original here. We've seen it all done before. Had potential with doorways set up earlier on that weren't used. Last 15mins made little sense and felt like they just wanted it over and done with. I can't even recommend it as an afternoon time waster. Look for something else.