Return to Treasure Island (1989)

Viktor Andrienko, Valeriy Bessarab, Tony Cannella, Valeriy Chiglyaev,
Cartoon adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's most famous adventure novel.
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  • Robert Louis Stevenson, Julie Aiken, Yuriy Alikov, Ron Schmidt, Writer:
  • David Cherkasskiy, Director:
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9 / 10

Probably didn't know this existed

Most of us are familiar with American animation and Japanese animation. There's still something to be said for Russian animation which most people know little about, including myself. It was just great to see something so bright and colorful from a foreign country not known for cartoons! I managed to watch a subtitled version of this. This is mostly a retelling of "Treasure Island". I've seen most versions and even read the original book. While it's technically less faithful than other versions, I really do think this is the best movie adaptation ever! It's mostly because of how beautiful the animation is.

Every country really does have their own unique animation style. This stood out as being wonderfully cartoonish. This was released the same year as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and it features animation and live-action! It's only briefly near the beginning that they're both on screen at the same time. The live-action bits are mostly just sprinkled throughout the film as short segments. It doesn't make them any less good! I thought that these actors were wearing masks because their makeup seemed too goofy to be real. Now that shows dedication! There's tons of great comedy in this version too.

The funniest bit might be when the one guy breaks the wall of the house down. We get to see all the classic characters just the way they should be represented. This is probably the most awesome version of Jim Hawkins I've ever seen. It's great how he's such a strong fighter in this. While the movie is still very goofy, Long John Silver is as good as ever. I just love the strong voices (the original Russian version) used and how they suit the characters so well. There's so much movement going on too. Please try to check out this great under-appreciated film! It should be on the Top 250 as it has over a thousand votes. ***1/2

10 / 10

An example of a fine blend: animation plus musical

This cartoon is unique in its structure: a strip of animation is followed by a video clip, then again goes animation, then - a music video, etc. No computer effects are used (in animation strips) - everything is drawn by hand. The impression of the drawings and videos is very rough - it seems that you feel sand between your teeth. Those dark unshaved pirates are making dreadful smiles, they point big guns at you, they play electric guitars and perform rock compositions. Have you seen a pirate with a Mohawk? It's here, too. But it must be so.

This cartoon is the perfect adaptation of Stevenson. It concerns real men (brutal strength is essential) and ambiguously funny situations. For many Russians it is one of the favourite cartoons ever. Its atmosphere ("kick-'em-all" plus "don't-be-a-greedy-sob-like-pirates") is one unstoppable crusher. This cartoon can be described as a train of non-stop gags spiced by a large portion of great (not just good, but really great - in music and in words) songs. The songs make very solid statements about smoking, drinking, and being greedy.

For any boy to watch this cartoon is a must. It is for all audiences, but has a rocketing satire combined with healthy childish humour. Maybe, girls will dislike it. No surprise: it has no female characters (with an exception of a few seconds dedicated to some Donna in the window and the presence of females in one music video about physical training - that's all), it has too many fights (gunfights, fistfights, trunkfights, rapierfights, and even some cool martial arts sequences), it also has tons of gin being consumed, and thousands of cigars being smoked. The pirates, who are drunk and constantly smoking, are being punched, kicked, stabbed, thrown into the sea from the cliffs, and so on. But don't be fooled: this animation can teach you a lesson or two, or even a dozen. Does, for instance, "Finding Nemo" has a chance to beat "Ostrov Sokrovishch"? No, it does not (my opinion, of course). This Russian cartoon has faded colours (in its original version) but it has a big heart and a rushing pace. There is music enough to be an attractive material for two CD albums while the voices of the characters are the best choice ever in the history of animation. Does anybody have a chance to fall asleep while watching "Ostrov Sokrovishch"? It's easier to die than that. The cause of death will be a super attack on one's sense of humour and on all other senses (if there are some, of course).

Personally, cannot wait for re-watching it again. If Mr Stevenson were alive, he would be hopping with happiness and joy. Why so? Reply: excellent interpretation of the book. After this cartoon all films and animation features with similar "pirates" topic seem to be dull and unimaginative.

All has been said: an astounding 10. Thank you for attention.

10 / 10

Very good animation movie

This is very good full length animation movie. Action, music, humor, and so on and so forth. It will be interesting as for young people (5-7 years), and also for older ones ( 20+ ). I had seen it first time in 1988, and still it's one of my favorites. I suppose, "Treasure Island" was never filmed in such unforgettable manner. Characters, jokes, songs had become classical in Russia and former Soviet Union. Voices of characters are Armen Gigarhanian, Yury Yakovlev, V. Andrienko, Victor Kostetskiy ..

Don't miss it, especially if you know Russian language or interested in Russia culture.

10 / 10

An unique animation film

This picture uses animation mixed with several video clips featuring live actors. "Ostrov" is a spectacular and unique piece of animation, using progressive imagery and comics-like style. Movie is packed with intense music and is half-parody/comedy, half-screening of the R.L. Stevenson's "Treasure Island", also with parts of musical. It's also completely unforgettable thanks to voices of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Viktor Andriyenko. If you know Russian, you got to see this movie to know the mock style of it, because you can't see anything similar to "Ostrov" anywhere. If you are Russian and haven't seen it, I only wonder. 10/10

10 / 10

Awesome man

Honestly I grew up with this movie which is weird since I was born in 2005 in America but still it was a movie that I still treasure to this day. It is an amazing movie that I love.