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Tom Heard,
Getting It is a movie starring Tom Heard, Donato De Luca, and Sharron Bower. A selfish man opens his heart and takes a chance on love.
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9 / 10

Lovely Story, Great Performances

No spoilers! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these characters and watch them change and grow. The story is simple, but the emotions are complex and deep. The music and humor are a nice bonus! I really felt connected to the main character (played by Tom Heard), and loved the supporting cast, as well. Sweet story, great cast!

10 / 10

Wonderful movie!

A lovely, touching, funny movie with a terrific cast. Great writing and acting. Definitely a must see!

10 / 10

Great Date Night Movie

Not my typical genre (romance) but it was my fiancé's pick so we gave it a shot. Got hooked after the first 10 minutes. Solid story and great songs, really enjoyed it!

10 / 10

Great movie!

I really enjoyed this movie! The actors and the story really make you feel for the characters and get you pulled into the movie.

5 / 10

Tom Heard is just annoying

From his opening song and annoyingly throughout Tom Heard was just a reason for me to dislike this film.A nice story but you can tell this was written directed and starred Mr Heard and was just a vehicle for him to .... well sing annoyingly.Pretty standard and samey to much better movies out there.