Restart the Earth (2021)

Mickey He, Ming Can Zhang, Mi Luo, Li Ning, Tang Xin, Naomen Eerdeni, Ruoxi Li, Huang Kai-Lun, Ye Xinyu,
In order to combat desertification, humans have developed drugs that promote the accelerated reproduction of plant cells, but they have accidentally liberated the stress system of plants and awakened plant emotions.
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  • Zhenzhao Lin, Director:
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5 / 10

Style over substance.

The visuals were decent - for 1990's CGI, and I can live with that, but the story, especially the dialogue, was too cliched and overly melodramatic. Even at a mere 89 min runtime, I got bored with the long dragged out and mostly unnecessary scenes. It was just the same cliched and predictable "stretched out to the max" scene after scene. The entire bridge crossing scene felt like it was 20 mins long, and you can easily predict what will happen each step of the way. This entire film could've easily been chopped down to a 20 min short film, and it would've been much more enjoyable. The casting and performances were ok for the most part, some too cheesy and forced for my liking. There are much better disaster films, even dating back to the 80's; this one was overhyped without reason. As much as the trailer looks inviting, the actual film is very lame. It's a very generous 5/10 from me.

7 / 10

i really enjoyed it

Very fun film, i was very sceptical as usual with these chinese films with no other reviews, but my risk paid off!

The film basically follows a father and daughter + some military guys on a journey to complete their mission.

As we all know chinese cgi can sometimes be a bit ropey, that is somewhat true here but its more than serviceable, however some of it is really good and the scenery of the overgrown/postapocalyptic city is the star of the show, i was truley amazed at the visuals.

The plant/monster things were very cool.

The story and how things develop is very cliche and very hollywood which for me isnt a bad thing, why fix what isnt broke right.

Overal a solid action sci/fi post apocalypse film.

2 / 10

Bad Idea

The plants turn against us? The film began in a tedious way. And of course, I knew the film would be about the man trying to survive with his little daughter, as plants growing beating hearts try to swallow them. It looked depressing, slow, annoying, and predictable. Seen on Tubi, the free streaming site, which now has live TV.