Reloaded (2021)

Simonna, Tatiana Sokolova, George Tounas, Oliver Troska, Marisa Mattioli, Simon Hofmann, Sarah Höhn, Genia Losing,
During his investigations in an increasingly criminal metropolis, detective Jimmy Cloud gets into a world of gangsters, espionage, murder, prostitution and drugs, in which a terrorist group also targets his girlfriend to stop him.
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1 / 10

1 minute warning

I got approx. 1 minute into the preview for this movie, and that was as far as I could go, it looked like this was an acting school assignment for someone that has no directing or acting ability (i am by no means any kind of expert in this - you be the judge)

AS in the first terminator was an academy award winner compared to this.

1 / 10


Please watch the preview first ! I did not and I regret it.

If you can make it through the trailer, you might like this.

If you think the trailer is bad, imagine suffering through the entire film.

1 / 10

What the... was that?

I urge everyone to try and watch at least 2-3 minutes of this..thing. Probably the worst acting and movie ever made.

2 / 10

I watched the Trailer!!!!

Don't like to badmouth movies...sooooo, watched the trailer and that was enough..

9 / 10

Pure popcorn enjoyment!

Reloaded is a heady mix of half testosterone, half attitude, and all action that is pure popcorn enjoyment. Its performances and screenplay are admirably. Pay no attention to the one involved in the film does, anyway. Simply pay attention to the great dialogues by Toynas and Arfanis, the realistic characters and the modern direction of Toynas. The film is an action film, and this is how it should be taken. 9/10 because I wish it was longer.