Red, White & Wasted (2019)

Red, White & Wasted is a movie starring Matthew Burns. An unapologetic immersion into Florida's redneck mudding culture. Video Pat is a mudding enthusiast who must question his passion, and maybe his entire way of life, when the...
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10 / 10

mudding: a redneck reverie

Can't get the images out of my head: huge tires spinning through mud, shining truck bodies, locals devoted to mudhole culture. Florida swampland and city streets-daytime and nighttime. Nature, machines, and booze.

The family portrayed in the film is complicated: repulsive, sympathetic, enchanting. You feel uncomfortable, you giggle, you reflect on America and your place-anyone's place-within it.

I highly recommend this film.

10 / 10

It's Complicated

I watched this film with a friend who has "0 time for racists" (his words), and yet the chraracter portraits presented of rural Florida life were so compelling, even he felt empathy towards the self-described "racist" characters. A wonderful portrait of rural life, the challenges and mindsets that come with it, and the difficulty of preserving such a way of life in the face of coroporate development and unfettered capitalism. And I have to say, The Redneck Yacht Club scene is WILD! Hold on to your seats

2 / 10

Pointless and poorly made

Nothing about this movie was good. The main character was uninteresting. His family was also. The story went nowhere. Mud bogging was a hobby and had no compelling value. It highlights the worst aspects of redneck white trash. Just awful all around. Don't waste your time.