Red Line 7000 (1965)

James Caan, Laura Devon, Gail Hire, Charlene Holt,
The story of three racing drivers and three women, who constantly have to worry for the lives of their boyfriends. Jim Loomis and Mike Marsh drive for Pat Cassarian. Jim expects his fiancée Holly, but before she arrives, he dies in...
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Although well intended, this is a real melodrama, a tale of the daring,reckless, untamed men of stock car racing and the women who love them... oh,please. The racing sequences are good, but these guys are pulling stuntsthat would have made even early NASCAR officials nail them to the wall.

Caan's acting is good, but he's not yet the fantastic actor we know today. He does well with the often stilted dialogue, some of which has gaps youcould drive a truck through. MST3k material. Gail Hire (Holly) has a voicethat makes Lauren Bacall sound like Minnie Mouse...You haven't lived untilyou've heard her baritone song/rap "Wildcat Jones" and seen George "Mr.Sulu" Takei dancing the Pony. This film is funnier than it was ever meantto be... and in ways I doubt Howard Hawks ever intended.

5/10 / 10

In Todd McCarthy's Howard Hawks: The Grey Fox of Hollywood, the impetusbehind RL7000 was a) Hawk's 10-year old son Gregg was into cars, or b)Hawks wanted to prove he could make a commercial film quickly for amillion dollars. Too, Hawks loved cars, studied Mechanical Engineeringat Cornell, raced cars after college, and made the racing film TheCrowd Roars (1932) giving him the opportunity to work with Cagney (andwrangle a Deusenberg for himself from the Deusenberg company inexchange for product placement). In a sense, both films are indulgenceswhich never translate into a coherent picture.

RL7000 comes off a bit more like a Roger Corman film than a Hawks film,probably due to budgetary constraints. We see lots of young unknowns,dancing, loud music, interludes of unevenly-acted drama interspersedwith bouts of frenetic action. Caan is a good, brooding Bradoesquestudy, though he squints and smirks to distraction, Marianna Hill looksgreat, and seeing cars like Cobra Daytonas is pretty enjoyable formid-60's sports car fans. Ultimately, the film has problems becauseHawks doesn't get what he wants out of the actors. All of his otherfilms have very strong acting; Hawks could always get greatperformances from Wayne, Grant, Bogart as well as the veteran characteractors he used. He didn't have such luck with most of the primary castof three men and three women. Their bonding as lovers and as male andfemale groups is integral to the credibility of the film, and it justdoesn't happen.

Another possibility explaining the film's weakness is that this is theonly one of Hawk's final six pictures (Rio Bravo to Rio Lobo) withoutwriter Leigh Brackett on the team.

One also senses that Hawks tried too hard to be "hip," perhaps inreaction to the fact that some critics had complained that his previouspicture "Man's Favorite Sport?" seemed old-fashioned. Thus the plot isperiodically suspended for some truly bizarre song and dance numbers,even by mid-60's standards. It seems inconceivable that "Wildcat Jones"was given us by the same Hawks who gave us the immortal "Diamonds are aGirl's Best Friend" number.

I want to like this movie, since I do subscribe to the school that agreat director can never make a truly bad film. I also happen to love"Man's Favorite Sport?" which often critically lumped in with RL7000 asthe two off-the-track films between a pair of Wayne/Hawkscollaborations before and after. Furthermore, there are some vocalcritics who love the film, such as Robin Wood. So I guess I need towatch it a few more times and hopefully can write a better review nextgo around.

3/10 / 10

I have to agree with the comment about Ms Hire being a junior gradePaula Prentiss. I logged on to my account to write that Gail Hire(Holly) came across like Paula Prentiss, but it had already been noted.But, I also noticed that Marianna Hill (Gabby) seem like she was asubstitute for Brigitte Bardot and Laura Devon (Julie) as NancySinatra.

I like the movie, even though it was full of clichés and all tootypical of most racing movies. I like looking at the race footage. Iremember many of the races and knew the full background of the racesand accidents shown in the movie. I like the movie because it showedreal production based race cars racing. The same makes and models myneighbors owned. If you like NASCAR this is a movie worth seeing. Ifyou are looking for AFI top 100 films, this is not the movie for you.

/ 10

Noted director Howard Hawks would make only two more films after "RedLine 7000" before calling it a day.

"Red Line" is a soap opera racing flick from 1965 that tries a bit toohard to be hip (no doubt on account of Hawks' previous film "Man'sFavorite Sport?" being criticized as "old-fashioned"). It's corny attimes and melodramatic at others, but it's fun and highlighted by sometruly bizarre dance numbers, including clever usage of public domainmusic (be on the look out for the rockin' rendition of "The Old GrayMare").

The picture is generally considered to be one of Hawks' worst films, ifnot THE worst, but it's redeemed by the dynamic chemistry between JamesCaan and Marianna Hill, who plays a French girl. Caan displays theintensity and talent that would make him one of the better actors ofthe early 70s. And Hill's performance, on par with other memorableHawks discoveries Lauren Bacall and Angie Dickinson, makes you wonderwhy she didn't become a bigger star before fading into obscurity.Particularly notable are Hill's two lusty dancing sequences, at thenightclub and later at the Holiday Inn Pepsi machine, as Caan observesher from afar.

If you're not familiar with the incredibly gorgeous Marianna Hill, sheplayed Dr. Helen Noel on the original Star Trek episode "Dagger of theMind" from 1966 (1st season). Believe it or not, Hill was arguably theMOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN to appear on the series (which is saying A LOT inlight of the fact that Star Trek is highly noted for it'sover-abundance of stunning beauties). She appeared in NUMEROUStelevision shows throughout the 60s and 70s (e.g. Batman, Kung Fu,Bonanza, Mayberry RFD, etc.) and also quite a few films like Elvis'"Paradise, Hawaiian Style" (1966), Clint Eastwood's "High PlainsDrifter" (1973) and even STARRED in the underrated atmospheric horrorflick "Dead People" (aka "Messiah of Evil" 1973).

BOTTOM LINE: Hill and Caan redeem "Red Line 7000" and make it amandatory purchase or viewing. The film should have focused exclusivelyon these two characters and gotten rid of everybody else (!), yet evenwith its weaknesses "Red Line" is still more intriguing than the morepopular mid-60s race drama "Grand Prix."

Unfortunately the film is only available used on VHS for WAY too muchmoney. Hopefully it will be released on DVD some time soon!

Allow me to close by repeating: MARIANNA HILL IS IN THE FILM!

5/10 / 10

The story of three racing drivers and three women, who constantly haveto worry for the lives of their boyfriends.

You know, Howard Hawks makes a lot of great films. And this one has adarn fine cast: James Caan, Teri Garr, George Takei (in a small role).But it just is not one of his better films by a long shot. In fact, itis mostly forgettable.

We have a raspy voiced singer, which is typical of Hawks, but aterrible song and dance number to go with it. This makes the songs inRio Bravo" look even better than they already are.

Also, if screwdrivers (the beverage) were a trademarked name, thiswould be an incredible advertisement for screwdrivers. Why is that thedrink that gets repeatedly ordered? Why name a drink at all? Seemedvery strange, and the French woman came off sounding more Russian thanFrench at times (with all due respect to Marianna Hill).