Rashmi Rocket (2020)

Vicky Kadian, Tapsee Pannu,
This ZEE5 Original film narrates the inspiring story of a small-town girl, who overcomes all societal barriers to become a national-level athlete, but her glory is hindered when she is asked to undergo a gender test.
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3 / 10

Phooski bomb!!

Rashmi Rocket review :

A lady judge admonishes a lawyer in one scene; "Tum Hindi filmein bahot dekhte ho kya!! Itna drama nahi hota hai asli court mein." So very true for Rashmi Rocket. A film meant to chronicle the rise and fall and subsequent rise of ace runner Rashmi who is banned after a failed testosterone test.

The story held promise but the execution sucks...and it sucks badly. How can you possibly explain a lead (Taapsee Pannu) supposed to be a running champ but without a single scene where she is actually shown running like an athlete. Taapsee seems to be jogging rather than running on the track. Clearly, the actor hasn't worked hard on her character at all and still seems to be stuck in 'Thappad' (2020) mode looking sad, pensive and worn out...Not done at all!! Compare this to Farhan Akhtar's intensity and josh in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) or Fatima Sana Shaikh's vigour in Dangal (2016) and you will understand how hollow Taapsee's performance is in Rashmi Rocket!!

She is not entirely to blame. The screenplay just doesn't offer her ample opportunity with the entire second half dedicated to a courtroom drama where Abhishek Banerjee and Varun Badola take charge as the two opponent lawyers. Rashmi Rocket fizzles out long before it reaches the climax. And Madame Taapsee seems to be losing her mojo getting repetitive and monotonous with every new release. I still have hope though!!

Regards,Sumeet Nadkarni.

7 / 10

Decent, but could have been way better

Rashmi Rocket had the potential to be even more greater, given the content and theme of the movie, however it was a bit muddled in the first 40 minutes before making an impact on the second half of the movie.

There is no doubt that Taapsee did a great job in portraying her character, however a number of aspects weren't upto the mark when it came to showcasing the issues faced by athletes even today. The courtroom drama felt a bit of an exaggeration rather than information.

Even though there were few flaws, Rashmi Rocket somehow stays strong and Taapsee makes sure to stay it that way. With few unnecessary scenes, a bit of over the top drama pulled Rashmi Rocket from being a very good movie, although the performance of the lead was commendable.

My Rating : 6.5/10.

9 / 10

This story is worth watching. This story is worth to be felt by everyone.

No sports drama or a biopic, but a wonderfully orchestrated movie, towards a single theme of mental impact on women athletes. Won't be naming any actor, as it'll undermine the amazing performances by all the character actors, but kudos for the hard work, put by Taapsee Pannu. This story is worth watching. This story is worth to be felt by everyone.

Well directed Akarsh Khurana.

1 / 10

Maha Boring

Torturous boring movie. Direction, script and action by Taapsee Pannu is lowest points of the movie. Taapsee Pannu is not fit for the role and she has no emotions to express character.

Instead of movie it looks like low standard TV drama.

Not worth for spending data and time. Must avoid movie.

10 / 10

Rashmi Rocket: A Good Message Delivered

Rashmi Rocket a sports drama starring Tapsee Pannu, Abhishek Banerjee, Supriya Pathak, Priyanshu Painyuli in lead roles released on Zee 3?5 on 15th October 21

Verdict : Blockbuster

Plot : Rashmi Rocket often being called due to her fast running shows her journey from a normal gujrat tourist guide to the world athletic champion.....

The story shown is very sensitive, that how the deserving and talented athletes/ sports person is being sidelined by the vicious clout of money and position....

Whenever we see the medal list in Olympics we often cannot see our nation in Top 10, forget about Top 5.... Is their we lack talent?? Is that we don't have facilities?? Its because if we have the people who use their power and money indiscriminately we will loose the real gems....

Yes its time to revolt, time for a total change over the system.....The law should be framed not to suffer the people but to give justice to people....

Positive Points..... ??????

1) Tapsee Pannu when seen her performance in Thappad, Pink & now in Rashmi Rocket, she ables to choose the scripts that are convincing & at the same time a message giving to society.... Her performance was awesome....

2) Abhishek Banerjee was kickas as a advocate fighting for justice.....

3)Here the subject is the main hero and that credit goes to Nanda Periyasamy who able to give the message to the audience.....

Akarsh Khurana, the director has well executed the film creating no lagging and boredom....

Negative Points......

1) Songs could have been better......

2 ) Priyanshu Painyuli was average in performance..... Could have been better choices...

But the negative points is will be overshadowed as the content is fabulous.....

Good to watch movie......