Rapture (2014)

Blair Besten, Jacqueline Buda, Dagmar Edwards, Janet Lopez,
Rapture is a movie starring Blair Besten, Jacqueline Buda, and Dagmar Edwards. When an apocalyptic event strikes, a group of people caught on the outside of civilization must take a perilous journey to find refuge.
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  • Kimber Eastwood, Jon M. Edwards, Annabella Gutman, Producer:

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2 / 10

Krafty Kristians

Foiled again! This is the second time in a month I got pulled in by special effects for a disaster event movie moving into an apocalyptic nightmare. Curse my Saturday night love of dystopian landscapes. So I was about 2/3rds of the way invested when the tide turned and it all went christian in an effort to spur my very own come to Jehovah moment, in lieu of the absence of that age old hymn, "Just As I Am." The scene, taking the bible off the nightstand of the deathbed, did sound a few bells and whistles, but I chocked it up to dramatic schmaltz at the directors discretion. Up until the 2/3rds point I always thought a band of angels coming after me was a good thing. According to this movie, it ain't. It gives slain in the spirit a very smoldering meaning, and effect. SO, had I known before hand what exactly was waiting for me at the end of the rabbit hole, I would have given it a pass for something a little, WHAT AM I SAYING, a lot less bible belty.

3 / 10

very strange, not what it says on the tin

Sounded as if it should be a Christian take on Revelation but in fact it bears no resemblance to any interpretation of Revelation that any denomination has ever come up with. Might have been better with no religious element at all and just an "escape from the aliens" plot. With that, it would have been reasonably good. But this will just annoy those who it is supposed to be aimed at while putting off unbelievers who might otherwise have enjoyed it for what it is.

3 / 10

Inconsistent, and incoherent plot

This was neither constructed well nor executed well. It appears to be an attempt by a Christian group to give a Scirnce Fiction twist yo it's interpretation of the accounts given in Revelatoons. It fails.

1 / 10


This movie should just be labeled horror and doomsday! Not very good acting and bit hard to follow at first and by the time you work out what the story line is you realize it can only end one way! The people who wrote or produced this film should have spent some seriously time reading their bible so that it at least had some true biblical input! Everything from the so called non-rapture part of the film to the elimination of all mankind in one day is total misrepresentation of Gods word and story! We honestly put it straight in the rubbish bin the minute we had finished the length of its torturous illogical horror fable!

10 / 10


In comparison with Cheynobel there was makeup techniques used that was award winning.The idea of the characters experiencing it as a localized event and then realising it was a large scale event gave the story line a feel of realism.Including the sinners' prayer and relevant bible verses added a profound sense of suspense.The special effects of the alien beings was appropriate in the way they were exposed by degrees.I'd recommend this film to everyone and anyone interested in sci-fi and or the subject of the rapture. The cast, crew and production team did an excellent job of presenting and story telling.