Ram Knows (1995)

Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, Vivek Mushran, Pankaj Kapur,
Ram Jaane is a movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, and Vivek Mushran. A street hustler, who has spent several years in and out of prison, decides to reform his life, as he teaches street kids to stay away from crime, but has...
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7 / 10

Scrpit wasn't great, but Shah Rukh Khan Saved the day

Ram Jaane is a Bollywood attemp in the gangster genre. Does it succeed in entertainment and is it worth the watch. The answer is YES, and this is only because of Shah Rukh Khans performance. Ram Jaane (Shah rukh khan) is about a orphan who is dumped in the bin and grows up to be a street wise smart gangster. Once Ram Jaane becomes a gangster, there is no proper plot. Its Ram Jaane and his way of life. Shah rukh Khan delivers a Great Performance. Why doesn't he make more of this kind of role. The movie also stars the very sexy Juhi Chawla in a decent role. The other actor is Vivek Mushram who is long gone and forgotten. Pankaj Kapoor is amusing as the Funny Gangster. This movie is absolutely entertaining. The Ram Jaane character is so amusing, his style and way of speaking is madness. If you like action movies and Shah Rukh Khan. It is worth the watch.

4 / 10

HUGE let down.....

I remember how excited I was to see Ram Jaane, I was thinking to myself "This movie is definitely going to rock like all of Shahrukh and Juhi's other films; I can't wait to see it!" But I was WRONG... Ram Jaane ended up falling way below my expectations. The story itself isn't really that exciting or on the other hand that boring, you could say it's about average.

Also, Shahrukh and Juhi weren't even together at all in this film! I know that SRK was in love with Juhi in Ram Jaane, but she was interested in some other guy which practically took out all the fun of the film itself! As for the acting, I'd have to say that Shahrukh had done a fabulous job playing his role and Juhi did a fairly good job at playing the role of Bela.

I, myself as a fan of Shahrukh-Juhi was really disappointed after watching Ram Jaane and I know that many of the other SRK-Juhi fans were let down as well.

All in all, Ram Jaane deserved a 4/10!

6 / 10

Angels with Dirty Faces

I have seen Angels with Dirty Faces (James Cagney) before I saw Ram Jaane. In fact, I was so impressed by "Angels..." that I thought if I were to make a movie it would be a remake of "Angels...". Then I saw "Ram Jaane".

Cagney certainly is the best in the original.

Sharukh Khan has played the James Cagney's role and Vivek Mushran played the role Pat O'Brien played and Juhi Chawla revived role of Ann Sheridan. Personally I feel that they never came any where closer to the original. The ending, in the original is much better and underplayed compared to the loud ending in "Ram Jaane" that makes "Angels..." much better movie.

If you have seen Ram Jaane you would find "Angels..." much better movie, however if you have already seen the original DO NOT WATCH RAM JAANE.

Music of Ram Jaane is worth forgetting and watching "Angels..." make you wonder if the songs were needed for Ram Jaane!

10 / 10

Absolutely spectacular!

This film is the epitome of LOVE, DEATH and PASSION. It successfully captures themes of each aspect, into a breathtaking acting peformnce from the main protagonist Ram Jaane (Shah Rukh Khan), alongside other actors/actresses. The acting reflected the situations in every scene. Lastly, and how can i forget, the songs, catchy and powerful.